We have a HUGE Bucket List and I'm always trying to cross things off, but I don't want to forget to be grateful for all that I've already done.  In order to remind myself to be thankful for what we've already accomplished, I've written down my reverse Bucket List...a list of things that we've already checked off!

3.  drive the ENTIRE Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway 2016

6.  run a Color Run (5k)

Greenville 2013

7.  do the Cooper River Bridge Run (10k)

Cooper River Bridge Run 2016

13.  tour the Greek isles

Greece 2003

23.  fly first class internationally26.  live on a boat

Logos Hope 2009

31.  ride in a helicopter34.  spot The Little Mermaid in Denmark
36.  smell the flowers in Holland

Holland 2009

37.  hit Gold with Young Living Essential Oils

On stage in front of 20,000 people!!!...Salt Lake City 2016

42.  go island hopping in the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands 2012

46.  stand on the equator

Ecuador 2001

54.  go to a Ball60.  live in a foreign country65.  go surfing on sand dunes

Peru 1997

69.  spend the night in a castle

Ireland 2014

86.  go on a Caribbean cruise

Cozumel 2015

87.  go skinny dipping
93.  go white water rafting
97.  get a Tattoo
98.  hike the Inca Trail

Bolivia 2001

103.  see the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon 2012

105.  own a pair of Cowgirl boots
106.  float in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea 2005

107.  ride a camel in Africa
108.  go to the top of the Eiffle Tower

Paris 2003

109.  learn to surf

Myrtle Beach 2000

110.  dye my hair purple

August 31st, 2016

113.  chop off and donate my hair

August 31st, 2015

116.  own our own home

First morning in our first home!!!...June 20th, 2015

117.  take Ironman to the Jungle

Chepare 2015

118.  live in Greenville, SC
121.  see Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway 2014

122.  see castles in Scotland

Scotland 2014

125.  USA Road Trip (loop to the West Coast)

126.  take Ironman to Bolivia, my childhood stomping ground

Bolivia 2015

127.  pay off Ironman's student loans
128.  play Professional Baseball (this was Ironman, not me…in case you were wondering…)

132.  bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Swamp Rabbit Trail 2014

137.  go rock climbing

92.  tube down a river

Shoot the Hooch 2014

102.  go repelling
138.  see a musical in NYC

NYC 2004

139.  go to a Clemson football game

Clemson 2006

140.  work at Disney (Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios)

MGM Studios 2006

141.  tour the Holy Land

Israel 2005

142.  go snowboarding (then switch to skis on day 2)


143. ride on the most dangerous road
144.  see the Redwoods

Redwoods 2012

145.  see Yellowstone

Yellowstone 2012

146.  tour the Biltmore

Biltmore Estate 2009

147.  start camping together every fall

Our first camp trip!!!...Fall 2011

I'm not saying that I don't want to continue crossing everything else off of our Bucket List, but I do want to remember to be grateful for the amazing things I've already done!

So, tell us what's on YOUR reverse Bucket List!  What things have you already done that you are proud of or thankful for?


  1. This is a great idea! I'm thankful for having had the opportunity to Study Spanish in Costa Rica and make some wonderful new friends. Getting to go on a zipline tour and ride superman style over almost a mile of rainforest, Co Pilot a prop plane once, be apart of a singing group (even if we didn't become famous lol), Go on several Cruises (Disney being my favorite!!), finally get myself in shape, start a blog......hmm might have to work on a list to post on my blog as well... ;)

    1. I want to do a zip line...adding it to my list!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you want to get in shape..don't know what I'd do without you! Do your own blog post, with photos of course!