It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas.  Which means, Christmas movies...lots of Christmas movies.  

I'm not ashamed to say that I absolutely love to watch the Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies.  Yes, I know that they are corny and usually have bad acting, but I love them anyway and don't mind the endless teasing from family and friends.  They are probably just jealous.  I came to the realization yesterday that I must love these cheesy movies so much because there is no snow here in South Carolina, which makes it oftentimes not feel like Christmas.  So, when I snuggle up and watch a Hallmark Christmas movie with snow and all, it makes me feel more festive.  Basically, I'm living through the Hallmark movie characters all through the holidays.  The downside is that I don't have cable, so unless I go to my parents house, or Dan and Dee Temples house or Emily Christopher's house, I don't get to enjoy Hallmark!  Sad, right?  So, instead, when I am home, I watch my few DVD's, rent RedBox movies and stream Netflix.

Ironman and I are not afraid to relax.  We are actually pros.  And practice makes perfect...we practice a lot.  Our favorite thing to do is enjoy our Friday night date night at home, instead of going out.  We've usually spent the entire week with people and been all over town for work and errands, so it's so great to come home Friday and have a night in to catch up and have some down time together.

By 5pm Friday night, I put on my pjs, my purple polka dot bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, get on the couch with my soft blanket and am totally content.  We love to get out our huge cutting board and load it up with finger foods like salami, cheese, grapes, olives and bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil with oregano, basil, thyme and rosemary essential oils.  And we have recently become wine snobs after watching all the seasons of White Collar, so of course, we've got to have our red wine.  Don't forget a bar of dark chocolate either.  We know how to party.

During the year, we stumble upon different Netflix shows, but during the holidays, we have certain movies that we always enjoy watching.  A Christmas Carol used to freak me out as a kid, but now I love it!  We always watch ELF the night that we set up our Christmas tree...and treat ourselves to hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream too.  I always look forward to singing along to White Christmas.  We love all the Harry Potter movies all year, but they do feel like Christmas because of the scarves and gloves and coats and snow, so we watch them during the holidays too.  Miracle on 34th Street used to be boring, but I love it now!  And even It's a Wonderful Life has gotten better with time...we watched it every year when I was growing up so I think that I sort of burned out on it for a while!  We even love to watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2.

It's funny how much we love our traditions.  It's not that these movies are the best movies ever, but now I feel like it's not Christmas until we have watched them!  What are your favorite movies to watch during the holidays?  Or if you don't like to watch movies, what is your favorite tradition?

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