So, this was the first time I did a seasonal Bucket List and I'd say that it was a success!  Here is my list, I checked it twice.

Things to do and see during Fall 2016...

1.  play hide and go seek in a corn maize
2.  have a picnic in Charleston...went to Charleston and had a great time, but didn't do a picnic
3.  carve a pumpkin for my front porch

4.  find the best pumpkin spice latte around
5.  play tourist in my own town...check it out HERE!
6.  jump in a pile of leaves...I decided this was dumb and I didn't want to do it after all
7.  go on a hayride (ended up going on a wagon ride instead!)
8.  bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail...the weekend we planned this turned out to be too cold

9.  get a Fall pedicure (no hot pink allowed)
10.  make and eat some caramel apples (this turned out to be a Pinterest fail)
11.  host an open house...hosted my first Friendsgiving instead!
12.  enjoy the Lights Before Christmas at the Riverbanks Zoo...it was meh
13.  have a sauna and whirlpool day at the gym with friends
14.  go geocaching...another one I decided I really don't care to do
15.  take a hike...done on our weekend camp trip, check it out below

16.  participate in The 6 Items Challenge
17.  go on a weekend camp trip...check it out HERE!

18.  cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway...DONE!  I was excited about this one because it's been on a huge lifetime Bucket List for a decade!
19.  go on a moonlight kayak trip...I really want to do this, but it didn't work out
20.  explore Lynches River County Park...want to go?  
21.  bake an apple pie
22.  get a facial
23.  go see the lights during Christmas at Biltmore for our anniversary...turns out that was way more expensive that we thought, so we didn't do it this year
24.  watch ELF 5,786,932 times...ok, I might not have watched it that many times, but I got in a few!

Did you do anything fun during this past fall?  I'd love to hear so that I can be ready for next fall!

Now, it's time for my first Winter Bucket List...check back here Thursday to find out what I have planned!

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