I get asked this question pretty frequently so I wanted to go ahead and answer your question here!  "How do I start my own blog?"  Great question!  Let me tell you what I did...

1.  Start by having no clue on earth what you're doing...this is a great place to start because you're so vulnerable and teachable and naive.

2.  Create a blog through your MacBook that you don't understand, can't figure out how to use, write one post and then somehow "lose" your blog until you find it years later and think, "Oh my gosh, there's that one blog post I did in 2008 when I tried to start that blog and couldn't find it"...still couldn't find it right now if my life depended on it.

3.  Use Wordpress for some assignment with Operation Mobilization, stay confused during the entire thing, don't finish your assignment because you can't figure out Wordpress and then decide it's not for you or your future blogs.

4.  Remember that you have a Gmail account, sign in once your password finally comes to you after too many attempts and you receive it through your email after using the "forgot password?" feature, somehow go through your Google account to get to Blogger and click some button to create a blog.

5.  Go through every single area under "design" to set up your layout, template, background, colors and everything possible that you can think of to change and make it look cute.

6.  Name your blog "Sailing with the Stewarts" because you live on a ship and that's a cute name and everyone will love it.

7.  Blog from 2009 to 2012, then decide one day you need to update your layouts and templates and backgrounds and colors and everything, only to find that you clicked some button that deleted your entire blog forever.  Nearly have a heart attack, then nearly faint, then nearly throw up, then refresh the page over and over as you continue to find a blank screen and sit in denial...if only I had my Stress Away oil at this point in my life, right?!

8.  Contact Blogger over and over for weeks to try to prove you are really "Emily Jackson Stewart" owner of "Sailing with the Stewarts" and that you are not a fraud, trying to steal someone else's blog.  Have a total meltdown when Blogger says you don't have enough proof...ummmm, seriously?  Lose years worth of stories and memories because you like to keep things simple and don't save anything.

9.  Swear that you are done with blogging, but remember how much you love blogging, so change your mind and decide that you'll just have to start a new blog.

10.  Swear that you are done with Blogger, but remember how much you have already learned how to use Blogger, so change your mind and decide that you'll just continue to use it anyway.

11.  Repeat step 5.

12.  Do not repeat step 6.  You no longer live on a ship and you want something new.  Ask some trusted friends and name your blog "Simply Us" because that's even cuter.

13.  Blog from 2012-2016 and be VERY careful when updating layouts and templates and backgrounds and colors and everything so that you don't have a repeat of step 7.

So, you see how professional I am?  Do you want to start a blog?  Do you want my help?  Although I can't promise success, I can offer to show you what I know and give you a shoulder to cry on when you have tough times.  You are welcome to contact me for help and if you live in town, come over and have coffee while we set up your new blog together!  I promise it will be an adventure.


  1. This is great! haha Its a lot of fun but a lot of work and stressful at times. When I tried changing my template to make my blog look better I completely freaked bc it messed everything up! Thankfully was able to figure it out but it was scary! Even had it crash twice now and had to call to get it fixed. Still not sure what did it and how to prevent it in the future.:(

  2. Lol!!! This is great! I've had several blogs, one for my photography biz, some personal ones, and I still have a Wordpress one for hubby's biz. They'll make you cry, furious, sick....lol