Not everyone has the time or money to take a vacation, but I bet you could find room to squeeze in a little day trip!  The more I research South Carolina, the more I realize there is a lifetime's worth of stuff to do around here.  Of course, I want to do it all.  So, two of my friends and I decided to check out Charleston yesterday and I want to share 6 fun things that you can do in just 1 day...

POE'S TAVERN  This unique little place was named after Edgar Allen Poe.  The front porch gave it an at home feeling that I really loved.  We got great outdoor seats, had a friendly waiter, ate some amazing burgers and didn't feel rushed out like at many restaurants.  Everyone around us was just hanging out, having drinks and catching up with their friends, making the atmosphere really calm and relaxing.  The weather was perfect and it was on a sweet little street with many other little shops and restaurants.  Gotta say...the women's bathroom has the smallest stalls I ever remember using in my entire life.  But I still recommend this place to everyone!

FORT MOULTRIE  Just down the street was this old fort.  We were able to walk through all the old tunnels and see the ammunition storage rooms and more!  There was a great ocean view and all the old cannons were left in place so you can get a feel for how massive they were.  Admission is free!

THE BATTERY  After we finally found a parking space, we took a walk on the battery.  It was super windy, but it was so good to get outside and walk around with this view.  There were walkers and runners everywhere, couples taking a stroll, people walking their dogs, families who must be on vacation and men working on many of the older buildings and homes.  The park next to the battery had so many beautiful trees and open benches.  One time in college, I was lucky enough to stay in one of these enormous and amazing homes on the battery with my friend Erin!  

BELGIAN GELATO  We hopped back in the car and made our way downtown in search of gelato because we heard that the Affogato was to die for...basically, you choose your gelato, get a shop of espresso on top and then cover it in whipped cream.  Yes, it was as good as it sounds.

KING STREET  If you like eating and shopping, you'd love King Street.  It's like paradise, but not for your pocket book.  There are so many great stores and good places to eat.  If you plan to go there and just window shop, stay strong.  But, if you enjoy the outdoors and want to save a little money, I suggest picking up some food and heading down to the end of King Street to enjoy a picnic in the park.  There are always people there playing sports, instruments or even doing magic shows...you'll find something, trust me.

ANGEL OAK  Even though we knew that this was location on Johns Island, we had no idea how far away it really was...but, it was worth the drive.  This oak tree is over 400 years old and is something so beautiful, but also something sort of nightmarish.  All the limbs were all over the place.  To walk around, we were stepping over or walking under.  Some were so heavy, they had fallen to the ground and were slowly getting buried deeper and deeper under the earth.  This would be a gorgeous place to get professional photos taken, but I need to warn you, the mosquitos were absolutely terrible.  So, be sure to come prepared to defend your skin!

Our time in Charleston was over before we knew it and it was already time to head back home.  There is still so much to do and see...which means we will definitely have to come back!  

Have you been to Charleston?  Is there something that you recommend we do or see on our next trip there?

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