Not gonna lie, this election was the worst.  I was completely shocked by people, both in person and on social media.  I saw such hatefulness, rude comments, total pride and bridges being burned all over the place.  Everywhere I looked, people were choosing politics over relationships.

No matter who is President, Jesus is King.  And no matter who is President, your friends and family are the people who you will continue to work with, celebrate birthdays and holidays with and spend time with in the upcoming years.  I doubt Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is going to stop by to see any of us.  So, why do I see so many people destroying relationships over these strangers?

Jesus said to love the Lord and love your neighbor.  And He doesn't mean I should love only Donald and Marianne to my right, Cindy and Richard to my left, or Amy, Russ and Ellie across the street.  Neighbors are the people in your life...your family, friends, co-wokers, etc.  

Did you love those people during the election?  Were you patient?  Kind?  Humble?  Forgiving?  Truthful?  Were you truly loving in person and on social media?

The 2016 election is just a small part of the big picture.  The President is chosen and life goes on.  But, the people in your life are still here (hopefully).

I want to recommend a few things you might consider:

1.  Stop fighting your battles behind your screen.  I'm talking about Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram or whatever social media you choose.  Stop the debates, the rants, the fighting and other ways that you are destroying relationships and hurting others.  Instead, call that person on the phone and plan a coffee date where you can sit down, look each other in the eye and talk over your differences in person.

2.  Stop trying to make everyone the same as you.  We are all unique and that's what makes us so special.  It's also what makes the world work...imagine trying to accomplish anything if every single one of us was exactly the same as every single other person on the planet.  BORING.  I love that we live in a country where we have freedom.  That means I have the freedom to think what I want and vote how I want.  And because I love that freedom, I want you to have it to so that you can think what you want and vote how you want.  I don't ever want that taken away from us.  So, give people the freedom and if you disagree, just remember that each person is unique so we will not always agree...and that's ok!  How can I say I believe in freedom, but then put someone down for how they voted?

3.  Apologize.  Seriously, if you were unloving in person or online during the election, you have probably hurt people in your life.  Call them on the phone, ask them to lunch and apologize.  Most likely, they love you and will readily forgive.  The election is not worth losing family and friends over!

I know that sometimes things are hard to hear, so imagine I'm giving you a great big bear hug right now!  I don't normally voice my opinions on politics, but this has been on my heart since election day.  It reminds me of Cinderella saying, "Have courage and be kind".  Imagine if everyone did so...I bet relationships would look so different!

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