I hear so many people talk about how insurance and health care has become more than they can afford, so I wanted to share what we have found and love!  Christian Healthcare Ministries...have you heard of it?  It's a non-profit healthcare sharing ministry for Christians.

There are three levels that you can choose when joining so that you are sure to get what works best for your family and budget.  My family chose the Gold Level with Brother's Keeper and this is what I recommend to everyone.  We pay $150 per person per month and $40 per year.  With this, everything is covered once we have met the $500 that we are personally responsible for (like a deductible).  That means that for only $300 a month, Ironman and I have the best coverage that we have ever had before.

You can still choose any healthcare provider, which I know is very important to many people.  No one is turned away due to medical conditions and it has a great maternity program.  Also, it is eligible under the Affordable Care Act.

Lastly, they have a refer-a-friend program that I love.  If you refer a friend and they sign up using your sponsor number, you get a FREE month!  This can be such a blessing to you during tight months, at the same time as helping your friends and family get truly affordable healthcare!  If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please click HERE.  This is my parent's sponsor link and will help them get a free month.  In case you need it during the sign up process, their sponsor number is 147556 and it's under my dad's name, Joseph Jackson.  Use this link to get coverage you can afford and to help support my parents ministry, Children's Burn Care.

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