Summer is the season of road trips! I love it. Being on the road makes me feel alive and inspires me to dream. However, just like anything else, there are ups and downs. Here are 14 times you should pull out that essential oils stash while on the road:

These Roll-Ons are so convenient, easy to apply and no mess!

1. When the kids have asked, "are we there yet?!" 1,478,257 times: Diffuse Frankincense (with your car diffuser!!!). Rub valor on your temples, wrists and the back of your neck.  Use Stress Away Roll-On when on the go—easily fits into pocket or backpack and can be passed around the car without worry of spilling.

2.  When your body is feeling all the miles you've traveled: Massage PanAway into sore, stiff area (layer Peppermint on top for more intensity). Or, to make things easier, use Deep Relief Roll-On, since it already has a roller top for easy application and no mess. Use Ortho Sport Massage Oil once you're done driving and settling in for the night to relax muscles after a long day on the road or on your feet.

3. When you're missing your own bed: Rub Valor into the soles of your feet right before bed time. Diffuse Lavender and Cedarwood for a peaceful atmosphere for everyone.

4. When your head is pounding as loud as the stereo: Swipe Deep Relief across hairline, on temples and down back of neck. Diffuse Stress Away or Peace & Calming to soothe tension.

5. When you've partied too hard and your waistline is witness: Two times daily, add two drops of Lemon and Peppermint to a capsule and ingest (also add Grapefruit for extra help). Remember to drink plenty of water to flush out.

6. When you're exhausted, but "not there yet": Apply Peppermint on wrists, behind ears, temples or soles of feet.  Diffuse Citrus Fresh.  Take a shot of Ningxia Red and/or Ningxia Nitro to give yourself a boost.
Just like road trips, essential oils are amazing for airports!
7. When the climate change is sending you into a whirlwind: Twice daily, add two drops of Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender to a capsule and ingest. Rub Breathe Again Roll-On across bridge of nose for immediate relief, as needed.

8. When you forget to brush your teeth: Swipe a drop of Peppermint across your tongue and add a drop to your water bottle (make sure its glass or stainless steel) to keep your breath fresh. Use Thieves to brush teeth.

9.  When you catch the crud: Massage Thieves diluted into the soles of your feet. Diffuse Thieves and Purification daily in the car and hotel rooms, to stay healthy and boost you and your family's immune systems.

10. When you miss home: Rub a drop of Joy onto wrists 2-3 times per day (it’s also amazing perfume). Diffuse Citrus Fresh daily to keep a positive attitude.

11. When your tummy isn't happy: Rub Peppermint or DiGize onto stomach and diffuse Peppermint…this is great for those who struggle with being in a car.

12. When the road destroys your skin: Wash face daily with Orange Blossom Facial Wash, follow with ART Refreshing Toner and ART Light Moisturizer to keep skin healthy, clean and hydrated. Use Frankincense and Purification to spot treat problem areas.

13. When the car smells like something died in it: Diffuse Purification daily to keep things fresh.

14. When you're worried you won't remember all the fun you had: Diffuse Lemon while sight seeing and learning…studies show this helps with retention by 50%!!!

Road trips should be a time to relax and enjoy your family, without worrying about everything that's bound to happen.  Stock up on the essential oils you'll need, get a diffuser for the car/hotel and be on your way!  Aren't sure what to get?  Contact me and let me help you get started!

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