Life can be very overwhelming at times!  I know in my case, I'll sign up for and agree to a million things and then all of a sudden hit a wall.  At that point, it's like I'm past the point of no return and have to make some changes fast.  Here are some of the things that I do when I'm in over my head:

1.  EVALUTE - First things first, evaluate your life and circumstances.  What is stressing you out and causing you to lose sleep?  Can it be avoided or is it something that you have to deal with?

2.  SAY NO - People will always suggest what you should do, but learn to say no to things you don't want to do or have time to do.  Spreading yourself too thin isn't going to benefit anyone.

3.  GET A HOBBY - By saying no to some things, you'll get to say yes to others!  Find something that you enjoy like painting, camping, going to the gym or cooking and spend some time each day doing what you love.

4.  RELAX - Everyday.  Get alone.  Unplug from electronics.  Sit on your porch, go on a walk, close your eyes or do whatever helps you feel calm and collected.

5.  SELF CARE - Make sure you take good care of yourself by eating well, exercising daily and sleeping enough hours.  If you can get away, you might even consider a vacation.

6.  GO SLOW - Although it's tempting to be busy and hurry through everything, make enough time to get everything done without feeling flustered.  This probably means you can't do as much, but that's ok...maybe you were doing too much anyway!

If you're not good at recognizing when you're reaching your limit, then make sure you have someone who will call you out and let you know when they notice the signs.  It's important to deal with being overwhelmed before you let it get to the point of complete burn out!

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