A few weeks back, one of my sisters was in Texas visiting a friend and planning on making the road trip home all by her lonesome.  So, my other two sisters and I decided to fly out there to meet her and make the road trip with her!

Lizzie, Magpie and me!

As we were boarding the plane, I realized that the last time I flew with my sisters, I had just graduated high school and we were on our way back to the USA for me to go to college!  That was 2004...time flies!  I travel all the time, but not with them, so it felt like such a special treat!

Texas, here we come!

We flew into Dallas on Thursday night and only had two full days in the city before we had to head out on Sunday morning.  So, if you are ever in Dallas for two days, here is what I suggest you do:

Now, that's my kinda view...

DAY 1:  Head to Waco!  I know, I know.  It's not Dallas.  But you're so close and you HAVE to go.

Yahyee met up with us in Waco!

Magnolia Market was better than I could have imagined and I loved shopping there!  I got a pair of unique,leaf-shaped earrings made out of leather and a bar of soap for Ironman...he always loves getting soaps from my travels!

We fought the crowds while shopping and then headed over to the bakery for one of the famous cupcakes.  I got vanilla with chocolate frosting.  Kinda plain, but oh so good.  My sisters went all out and got unique flavors.  Not gonna lie, I wished that I had gotten out of my little box for this trip.  Next time.  Next time.  At least my sisters are good at sharing.

After shopping and visiting the bakery, we had been standing for hours and wanted some food and to put our feet up.  Before visiting Magnolia Market, I had no idea that there was so much to it, including a play area outside for families and tons of picnic tables and food trucks.  Not only that, but these food trucks had unique items like this watermelon slushy!  

Chip and Joanna Gaines are such a talented and successful couple.  Not only is their show, Fixer Upper, one of my favorites, but now I see why people have been bragging about visiting Waco.  It did not disappoint and I hope to come back one day!

DAY 2:  Downtown Dallas!

If you like to eat good food, relax and people watch, you're going to love Klyde Warren Park.  My sisters and I found a nearby parking garage (which we almost got locked into the stairwell),  and walked over to the park and found a table and chairs right away.  For hours, we sat and watched people come and go, families and friends playing games on the green and kids going wild in the tiny water park area.

We hit up the food truck for some amazing grilled cheese sandwiches and iced water.  Then, pushed our way onto the free trolley to take a tour around town.  It was a slower day, but we enjoyed being down in the city without walking all over the place in the intense heat.

Sunday morning came all too quickly and it was time to road trip back to South Carolina.  I'm sure that we missed a million other things to do in Dallas, but I really enjoyed how we spent the two days that we had.

Two day road trips are great when you have a long weekend and want to see something close by where you live.  Where is somewhere that you would suggest we go on our next two day road trip?!

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