Essential oils are EVERYWHERE and it seems that EVERYONE is jumping on the oil train.  I have used essential oils my entire life, but about three years ago switched over to Young Living because of their Seed to Seal promise.  If Ironman and I are going to use essential oils to live a healthier life, we want to make sure that we are using the best quality out there.  Are you curious about essential oils?  Let us cover some basics and share with you the 11 essential oils you need today!

What are essential oils?  They are oils that come from the flowers, leaves, roots, bark, wood, seeds or peel of a plant.  Essential oils are straight from nature.

What do essential oils do?  They administer therapy at the cellular level.  One drop of an essential oil contains approximately 40 million-trillion molecules...which means that one drop of oil covers each of our cells with 40, 000 molecules!  Essential oils are powerful.

Ironman and I were able to help plant at the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah.
I love how the farms are always open to the public!

What can essential oils help with?  They may help boost energy and stamina, help with relaxation, help to manage stress, help reduce the appearance of aging, help improve mental clarity, help boost immunity and so much more.  Essential oils support the whole person.

How can essential oils be used?  Depending on the oil, they can be used topically, aromatically and internally.  Essential oils are versatile and easy to use.

Where is the best place to get started?  There are over 100 essential oils and millions of uses, so I understand how overwhelming this can be.  Essential oils don't have to be intimidating.  Google and Pinterest can be your best friend.  There are also plenty of resources through literature and APPS.  Plus, if you choose to get your essential oils through us (Nick and Emily), we will happily answer your millions of questions and add you to our support/chat group where we focus on education!  Click here to read more about our essential oil journey!

With that being said, here are the 11 essential oils that we think every person needs:

1.  PURIFICATION:  I love this one for the little critters that munch on me when I go outdoors.  It helps with the itching, plus any other weird skin rashes that we have come across.  Although I am in my 30s, I still struggle with break outs.  This one is amazing for clearing up the skin.  Also, if you love to cook, but don't love the smells it leaves behind (think fish and burnt cheese), this oil is great to add to your diffuser and get rid of the weird odors.  I've even used this in the bathroom to keep it smelling fresh when our house has been full of guests!

2.  RC:  This one is great when the weather is cooling off and you feel the crud creeping up on you.  Rub on your chest to open up airways, diffuse in the house when you're stuffy and massage into your neck when you've got that annoying tickle in your throat.  Basically if you like to breathe well, you need this oil.  It's even great before an intense work out, when you know you're going to be breathing super hard.

3.  FRANKINCENSE:  Liquid gold.  Need I say more?  Ok, THE WISE MEN gave this to baby Jesus.  You need more?  Ok ok.  This is my go to for staying balanced.  I don't know about you, but my emotions tend to be all over the place.  So, Frank is my BFF.  It helps me relax so that I can turn off my crazy thoughts and get some shut eye.  Plus, it promotes healthy, beautiful skin.  Not joking.  Scars.  Stretch marks.  Break outs.  Sunspots.  Wrinkles.  You name it.  It's like the fountain bottle of youth.

I use Frankincense so much that I went ahead and put a
roller top fitment on it for easy application!

4.  PEPPERMINT:  I'd say this one is probably Ironman's favorite.  He puts a drop in his water bottle every morning to help him stay cool (as in not sweaty, but he is cool too) and energized.  South Carolina summer heat is no joke.  This is also great when you come down with some seasonal sniffles.  I love this stuff for airplanes or other crowded spaces that make me feel nauseated.  Also, it is great when you are constipated...sorry, I couldn't figure out another way to say that.  Oh yea, and don't forget it's amazing added to a batch of brownies!

5.  LEMON:  I love this one to diffuse because my house smells so fresh and clean, even when its not!  Also, it's super calming and I have found I love to diffuse it at night when it's time to wind down.  It is great for cleaning sticky stuff, like if your kids went sticker crazy in the house or got bubble gum stuck in their hair.  Also, it's brightening, so I love to use this to make a quick face scrub with coconut oil and baking soda!

6.  COPAIBA:  We mainly use this one when we have done something to hurt ourselves.  It's great for anything swollen and achy.  Plus, many people love it because it doesn't have a strong smell.  Because of my skin problems, its another that I love since it helps with blemishes and skin that needs to be tightening back up!

This is me without makeup and without a filter...when I am consistent with
using the essential oils in my skin care routine, my skin is clearer, brighter
and more even toned!

7.  DIGIZE:  All things digestion in one bottle.  Seriously.  Anything that has to do with digestion.  Can't go?  DiGize.  Going too much?  DiGize.  Ate too much?  DiGize.  Gas?  DiGize.  Feeling queasy?  DiGize.  Comprende?  Moving on...

8.  THIEVES:  This one was a game changer for me.  I used to get sick several times a year and need to visit the doctor.  Not saying the doctor is unnecessary...but, for three years now, I have been able to get better on my own, at home (this is great for anyone who doesn't love visiting the doctor, but does love saving money).  Thieves is amazing for all things icky.  Clean with it to avoid store bought harmful chemical filled products.  Diffuse it in your house during Fall and Winter to stay well.  We love it so much, we are hosting a class on it at our home tonight!  You in the area and want to come?

9.  LAVENDER:  Most people have heard of lavender.  Great for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home.  I love it before bed.  Perfect for calming down skin issues.  Add it to some epsom salt and throw it in your bath.  It's amazing.  My mom always says that if she could only have two oils, she would choose peppermint and lavender.

10.  STRESS AWAY:  Does this one need an explanation?  It smells like a lime, coconut, tropical-island paradise in a bottle.  At least to me, anyway.  If you feel tense and uptight, you need this oil ASAP.

11.  PANAWAY:  This one is really similar to Copaiba in what it does, but it has a wintergreen smell. We use it when something it hurting.  Head pounding, stomach cramping, muscles unhappy with the weekend hiking you did...basically, if it doesn't feel good, slap some PanAway on it!

PanAway was my BFF during Betty Rocker's 30 Day Bodyweight Challenge!

So, you need these oils, am I right?  Ironman and I are totally hooked and would love to hook you up too!  We will never pressure you to purchase any oil or product and definitely never pressure you to join the business side of Young Living.  But, what we will do is help you get started, teach you how to incorporate them into your everyday life and answer your millions of questions!

Don't miss out on this AmAzInG deal!

Are you unsure and want to talk more?  Email us or comment below with your email and we will reach out to you ASAP!

Or are you excited and ready to get your essential oils right this very minute?  YAY!  We've got great news for you...these 11 oils ALL come in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  Back in 2013, Ironman and I got our own Premium Starter Kit and were really happy that we went that route.  Not only did it save us over 50% that day, but since we were then wholesale members, we've saved money on every purchase since then!  Remember, there is never any pressure if you decide the oils aren't for you, but we have a feeling you are going to love them as much as we do.  Also, if you purchase your Premium Starter Kit through October 19th, there is an amazing deal for you!  Not only will you get 10% off of the Premium Starter Kit and all the goodies that it already includes, but you'll also receive a FREE Oregano oil (making it a total of 12 oils)!!!  PS, Oregano is amazing for cooking and staying well during the months ahead...we can give you more info on how we use it!

So, you ready to do this thing?

1.  Click HERE to sign up through us.

2.  Choose Wholesale Member...remember no pressure or commitment, just money saved!

3.  Leave our enroller ID (#1570543) and sponsor ID (#1570543) in the boxes.

4.  Go through the steps to fill out your information and set up your account.

5.  Choose your Premium Starter Kit (I love the Dewdrop option).

6.  Check out.

7.  Scream and do your happy dance.

8.  Email us and tell us the good news so that we can send you a goodie bag to help you get started!

Can't wait to hear from you!

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