Limiting Beliefs

I had NO IDEA how much I was talking to myself every day.

     I have LOTS of Big Goals for my life and in some ways I believe that they will happen, but at the same time, I also know that they will NEVER happen.  Do you ever have those moments?!?!?!?!

Recently, I had a specific goal that I had been working towards for a LONG time.  I was working HARD!  But, every single time I thought about this goal, I would think thoughts like:

-It will NEVER happen.
-I can't do it.
-I'm not as good as __________.
-I'll probably fail.
-People won't like me.
-I don't have what it takes.
-I'm not a leader.
-I'm too shy.

The list goes on and on and on.

     So, on one hand, I would give myself a pep-talk and tell myself "YAY YOU CAN DO IT"...but at the same time, I would secretly be thinking, "I can say it, but it doesn't mean it will happen".

These doubts, fears and disbeliefs actually come from something deeper and more intense...

So, when I dug a little deeper, I found these beliefs:

"It will NEVER happen because I can't do it and I'll fail 
because I'm a quitter, I'm not good at anything and I never 
finish anything well."


"I will NEVER be as good as _______ because I'm shy, easily overwhelmed and usually anxious and can't handle any type of stressful situations because I don't have the right personality/characteristics to be successful and make something of myself."


"I will NEVER fit in because I have always been the outsider/foreigner and no one will ever like me, accept me or invite me into their group because they can tell that I don't belong."


So, I talk to myself like this ^^^ and then wonder why I don't feel confident...my past is now affecting my present and future!!!

So, what can be done?!?!?!?!?

     Since, I have identified my Limiting Beliefs about myself...I can create powerful opposites!

So, here is what I have:  I am a hard worker and always do the best that I can do at the time!  I have many gifts, talents and strengths that help me do things that I enjoy.  I have a group of friends that I love and they love me and accept me for me.

     What are YOUR limiting beliefs!?!?  
-You need to identify them
-Create powerful opposites
-Write those ^^^ down 10 times each per day 
-See how you feel about yourself after two weeks!!!!!!!

"The most Influential person you will 
talk to all day is you...be careful what 
you say !" - Zig Ziglar

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