All In Moderation

     This is my family when planning a meal together...

Momma: "So, what do y'all want to eat?"

My sisters: "I don't know..."

Me: "Pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!"

My sisters: "Yay!  We love Pizza!!!!!!!!"

Momma: "No, I want to eat something healthy."

Me: "Let's go to Schlotsky's and get salads!!!!!!!!"

Daddy: "That sounds good."

Momma: "I would really rather stay home and save money."

My sisters: "We always go there..."

Momma: "How about we make a good salad here at the house?"

Me: "No..."

Daddy: As his eyes light up and he does hand motions, "What about we make a good salad and grill some chicken?!?!?!"

     EVERY SINGLE TIME we have this conversation, my daddy suggests a good salad and grilled chicken.  And EVERY SINGLE TIME he suggests it, he does hand motions.  He takes both his hands and holds them out in front of him as if he is holding an invisible basket ball.  Then, he moves his hands around and back and forth.  That motion is basically his version of sign language for a "good salad and grilled chicken".  If I see my sisters doing those hand motions, I know what they mean.  So, it has become a family joke and we all do that "good salad and grilled chicken" sign language as we decide on a meal.

Well, actually I DO understand...

     My daddy doesn't just "like" anything.  You know "These are a few of my favorite things" song in The Sound of Music?  Well, this sums up my dad's life.  He has a few things that he LOVES.  Like, REALLY LOVES.  Like, he could do/have these things EVERY SINGLE DAY and never get tired of them.  Let me give you a list (this is great if you are Christmas shopping for him):

1.  Coffee --- He goes to Starbucks so often that one year the employees even gave him a christmas card and gift!  And if we are at his house, he always asks Nick "How about we make a nice pot of hot coffee?".

2.  Schlotskys --- He goes so often that the employees know that he wants chips and an extra cup of dressing with his salad.

3.  Soup --- He always asks who is going to be "scooping" his soup because he wants to make sure they get "all the junk from the bottom", while using his right hand in a downward circular motion...aka the "soup" sign language, similar to the "good salad and grilled chicken" sign language.

4.  Naps --- Saturdays and Sundays, at least, have always had mandatory naps.  And not just any nap...he needs feather pillows, lots of blankets, darkness and his fan blowing cool air on him.

5.  Peanut Butter --- When we lived overseas, people always brought a jar of peanut butter when they came to visit us!

6.  Grilled chicken and a good salad --- I think that we have established that he likes this!

7.  Sweatshirts --- Every Christmas he asks us for a "good sweatshirt".  It is basically just a solid color, cotton sweatshirt with a rounded neck, no hood, and the arms and torso must be long enough for his tall body.

8.  Nacho Libre --- We have watched this movie more times than I can count and my family speaks to each other through movie quotes.  When growing up, we watched "It's a Wonderful Life" every year for Christmas, but apparently our movie choices have adapted to our ever growing wisdom and maturity.

9.  Disposable Cups --- Instead of throwing away plastic, paper and styrofoam cups after use, my daddy washes them in the dishwasher or sink and saves them to drink out of instead of the glasses and cups in the kitchen cabinets.

10.  Giving --- seriously, BOTH of my parents will drop EVERYTHING for just about ANYONE.  They will give and give and give, even when they get nothing in return.  They LOVE helping people and will give their time, money, resources and more!

Seriously.  It MUST be a super-power.
     So, let's talk about me...

     Over the past few weeks, I have made it pretty clear that I LOVE Hallmark Christmas Movies.  But, the more and more that people bring it up and ask me about it, the more that I realized that I talk about my obsession all the time.  I am JUST LIKE MY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't just "like" something...I LOVE IT.  I don't just dab my toe in something...I do a cannon ball.  I even wrote a post about it a few weeks ago, but wanted to share the few things that I am CRAZY about right here:

1.  Nick --- I don't like going anywhere without him and miss him ALL day when he is at work.

2.  Pizza --- If it were ok, I'd eat it every single night for dinner.

3.  Slippers --- I get home, take off my shoes and put on my slippers every single time.

4.  Blogging --- I don't have to explain this one.

5.  Essential Oils --- I mean, I pretty much live and breathe these things.

6.  Purple --- Every bedroom I ever had was purple until I got married (I have an extra special addition to this story below).

7.  Sauna --- I go to the gym to get in the sauna...end up story.

8.  Hallmark Christmas Movies --- My November and December are pretty much useless for anything else.

9.  Traveling --- I can't help but think that maybe I should have bought an RV instead of a house?

10.  Simplifying --- The 10 Item Wardrobe is my favorite and my friends and family freak out when I want to help them clean out and organize.

     UUUUUuuummmmmmmmm....do you see a pattern here!?!?!?!??!?!  I am pretty much Wick Jackson...just a little younger and more feminine.  I don't just try out these things...I go all in and obsess.

     The first time I realized that I might have a problem was when I met a new person at Francis Marion University.  I introduced myself and we started talking.  All of a sudden, the girl grabbed my arm and stopped me and said "Oh yea, I know you...you are the purple girl".  I was like, "What?".  She said, "You are the girl that walks around campus wearing all that purple".  AWKWARD.  I silently pondered her words and realized that I usually came to classes wearing my purple crocs, my purple north face jacket and my purple LLBean backpack.  It was like a lightbulb moment.  I was "the crazy purple lady".  So, after that embarrassing encounter, I tried to switch up some colors a bit...

     Everything in Moderation...have you heard people say that?!?!!?  Well, I am THAT person that, when I hear you say that, I dramatically roll my eyes and feel a serious gag reflex going on.  Basically my ENTIRE life, I have thought that people who say that are just liars.  I mean, when I am craving sugar...I don't just eat a candy bar, I eat cake for breakfast, a donut for mid morning snack, ice cream for lunch, hot chocolate in the afternoon and finish up the day with brownies.  I mean seriously.  Who does moderation?!?!?  

     All these years, I thought that I was normal and those "all in moderation" people were crazy.  

     So, here is my public apology:  I'm sorry that I was wrong, that I am THAT crazy person and that I get it all from my daddy...so it's basically his fault (but he got it honest too, so we can cut him a little slack). 

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