My little sisters aren't so little anymore...

Mary Ashley...aka Yahyee

I was always so jealous of how Yahyee would just go against the flow and be her artsy, creative, beautiful self.  She wore flair jeans and jelly high heels when I was too scared...she painted her nails crazy colors and wore makeup like it was her job...she made her own jewelry and wore it better than anyone else...she collected jelly pens and created art like it was second nature...she played piano and sang...she baked and cooked...she laughed in the face of blood and guts.  Yahyee was the President of the Student Body.  Now, my little Yahyee is all grown up, works as a nurse at a local hospital and gives me advice on all things Food and Relationships.

Maggie...aka Magpie

I still remember the days when Magpie was the Tether Ball Queen at Carachipampa Christian School.  Students would line up at Recess and Lunch to take her on, but would always lose...even the High-Schoolers.  Seriously.  She dominated EVERY sport she played.  Tall, thin (her knees were bigger than her thighs), tan skin, blonde hair and loved by all the boys.  Magpie was the President of the Student Body and Valedictorian (I didn't even remember that part until a few days ago when I was reminded).  Now, my little Magpie is all grown up, works in Human Resources at a local hospital and gives me advice on Business and Finance.

Elizabeth...aka Lizzie

When Lizzie was really little she loved to look into the mirror, run her hands along her face and say "Oil of Olay", like she was practicing for her future break in advertising.  Then, as she got older and obsessed with spandex, she would bend her front knee, rest her hand on her thigh, keep her back leg straight, put her other hand on her hip and ask, "Do I look like a Biker or a Runner?"  Lizzie was the President of the Student body and admired by many, even adults around her!  I always thought (and still do) that Lizzie would grow up to be the first woman President or a traveling inspirational speaker.  Now, my little Lizzie is all grown up, going to college far, far away (an hour away is far!) and gives me advice on Fashion and Faith.

So, between my 3 sisters and ALL of their much needed advice, I've got Life covered...my little sisters aren't so little anymore.  Each one has her own strengths, characteristics and talents.  Each one has a BIG, generous heart.  Each one has a serious case of the Travel Fever.  Each one is special to me in her own way.

Although we are all grown up, I recently found something that I really really really enjoy doing...running up and hugging each sister really hard, swaying back and forth really fast and talking to them like they are still little babies...it's the little things that entertain me and make me happy...truly.

I LOVE my seeeeeesterssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great Post-- I am the oldest of two younger brothers who are now grown men -- but I just can't resit running up and hugging them like when they were little. Time Flies... cherish all the memories!