I LOVE blogging...

     I'll just be minding my own business and then BAMMMM...I am inspired to write.  I sit down, start typing and the story comes to life, leaving me laughing or crying at my own adventures.  After my post is written and shared, I get to enjoy feedback from my readers.  

But you know one thing that I NEVER imagined I would get from my blog?!?!?!??!?!


    Katie found my blog, we began emailing back and forth and became Facebook friends 1-YEAR-AGO TODAY!!!!!!  And you know what they say...it's never official until its Facebook official.

Today is our 1-Year-Friendaversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     During these past 12 months, Katie and I have:

1.  camped at the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah!!!!!!

2.  attended the Young Living International Convention in Dallas, Texas!!!

3.  attended FUEL Chicago together!!!!!!!!

     The MORE we talk, the more we find out how much we have in common and the more I love that we are friends!  And not only are WE friends, but our men have become friends too!  Friends are HARD to come by and friends that our men are ALSO friends are even HARDER to find!!!  

     Katie, thank you for reaching out to me!  Thank you for drinking the kool-aid and jumping onboard the essential oil freak train.  Thank you all of the messages and phone calls and giggles.  Thank for for always having my back.  Thank you for your friendship.

Heres to 1 YEAR and MANY MORE to come!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!
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