2 year OILYversary GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EVERYONE is talking about Essential Oils, but it's because they are seriously aMaZiNg.  Some people talk about their favorite pair of skinny jeans...I talk about my essential oils.

I grew up using these little bottles of goodness - Tea Tree on my breakouts and Peppermint in the vacuum for a fresh smelling house - but, I had NO IDEA how many essential oils were out there and how much they could do!!!  I pretty much thought Lavender was the only other essential oil out there...

Back in November 2013, a friend invited me to an essential oils class.  I excitedly agreed to go and told Nick that he didn't have to worry about me buying anything.  Famous last words.  
I ordered the Premium Starter Kit THAT NIGHT...November 20th, 2013.  EXACTLY TWO YEARS AGO!!!  A week later, I got my PSK and fell down the stairs carrying it.  As I was crying and moaning, Nick said "why don't you use your oils?".  I tore open my package, began applying and was immediately sold...I KNEW that I wanted to HELP others get these essential oils in their hands too!!!

My 1st Premium Starter Kit!!!!!!

So, fast forward to TODAY, two years later, and I am still USING, LOVING 

and SHARING about Young Living Essential Oils!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I first got started, I had A MILLION questions!!!!  I did TONS of reading and research because I was SUPER excited.  I was also blessed enough to have gotten into an AMAZING group, called the Lemon Droppers!  We have INCREDIBLE support.  Click HERE to watch this fun, short video about us!!!

If you are interested in essential oils, the best place to get started is with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit, like I did!!!  In the past, I used other essential oil brands, but I switched to Young Living because of their Seed to Seal, which means they are in charge of all of the steps in the process!!!  I have even been to the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah and seen it all with my own eyes!!!  Click HERE to read about my visit and see photos!!!

Young Living Lavender Farm - Mona, Utah

If you would like to know more, PLEASE send me a Facebook message or Email me!!!  I am TOTALLY READY for your millions of questions!!!

BUT, if you are ready to get your own Premium Starter Kit NOW, you can order through me by clicking HERE!!!  The Wholesale Membership will save you TONS of money!  Even though you chose "Wholesale Member", you don't have to ever sell anything...it's just to get good prices (think SAMs Club or Costco Memberships)!!!

Once you sign up, let me know ASAP so that I can send you an Essential Oils CARE PACKAGE to help you get started!!!  Also, we have an essential oils Facebook education group called "School of Oils" that I would LOVE to add you to so that you can participate in our daily education, monthly giveaways, online classes, support and more!!!

I LOVE my essential oils, but even more, I LOVE the friendships that I have made through this journey with the Lemon Droppers!!!  If you have one more minute, click HERE to watch one last short, inspirational video about us!!!

Not only have I enjoyed 2 years of using Young Living Essential Oils, but I have also enjoyed 2 years of the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!!!!!  I spend my days helping people learn about essential oils and how to grow their Young Living businesses.  I am SO THANKFUL for this company and how it has given me the FREEDOM to do what I LOVE while working from home, setting my own hours, traveling much more than ever before...all without having to return to school or go into debt.

So, all this to say, in CELEBRATION of my 2 year OILYversary, I am GIVING AWAY these Goodies below to the FIRST person who signs up through me (click HERE) and purchases the Premium Starter Kit!!!!!!!!!!  It's first come, first served!!!!!!

Your Goodies include:
-A 15ml Tangerine Essential Oil
-A Lemon Dropper Handbook
-3 Lemon Dropper Quadfolds
-A spray bottle 
-A small roller bottle
-A mini roller bottle
-A mini dropper bottle
-A small essential oils carrying bag
-One more secret surprise in the bag :)

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and celebrate a milestone with me today!!!