On Friday, this popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. 

CEREAL night! (or whatever easy breakfast food you want). We will have normal milk and some boxes of cereal. I think Bri said she'd bring almond milk. So…. bring whatever.

Our Young Married Couples group was planning our next event.  I decided that I would bring Lucky Charms (mainly so that I would have an excuse to eat them), but before I put that down in writing, it was claimed.  After debating all weekend, I still had no idea what to bring.  I'm THAT person that doesn't like to cook AND my oven doesn't work, so I always bring the loserest (that's a word) options.  Only hours before it was time to go, I got SUPER excited and told Nick "Let's bring Krispy Kreme Doughnuts...it would be so fun to bring something good and not be the losers for a change!"

So, on our way to dinner, we stopped by Krispy Kreme.  I asked Nick if we could go through the drive through, but he said that he would rather go in, so we hopped out of the car and went inside.  As soon as the doors opened, the sugar was calling to me and I walked over to the glass to take a peek at what doughnuts were available.  Nick asked if we should just get a dozen glazed doughnuts and I responded, "We never get doughnuts, so I want to pick a dozen assorted that are fun options for everyone."  He said ok and I continued browsing.  He leaned over again and asked if I knew which ones I wanted and I said yes.  Then he started talking...he said to get a few glazed and that he wanted chocolate too.  I felt too guilty to get only what I wanted, so I figured I would appease Nick with a few doughnuts that he would like.  I told the lady, "4 glazed".  Then, Nick leaned over and added "4 chocolate".  I was watching in horror as my freedom of choice was being ripped from me, right before my eyes.  Nick turned to me and said, "You still need 4 more to make 12...the sprinkles are good".  So, the lady got 4 sprinkles.   

It was like an out of body experience.  I had gone inside with hopes and dreams of cute little colorful doughnuts.  12 different kinds.  Happy people at the couples dinner.  I watched the lady close the box lid and cover up the boring options that had somehow been chosen.  

I felt speechless...it had all happened so fast.  My dozen assorted doughnuts turned into 4 glazed, 4 chocolate and 4 sprinkles.  As the lady was walking over to the cash register, I turned to Nick and said, "Why didn't you let me choose anything!?!?!?  I feel like you are trying to control me and tell me what to do!!!!".  Nick said, "You did choose...she chose what you said".  I couldnt believe this was actually happening to me.  We paid for the doughnuts that I no longer wanted and went to the car.  As soon as we got in the car, we talked through what happened again.  I was upset because I didn't have fun picking my doughnuts and it crushed all my hopes and dreams and Nick was upset because he didn't even remember talking to the lady at all or telling her anything about doughnuts.  

We drove to the couples night in silence.

Then we pulled up, parked the car and Nick got out.  I couldn't believe that he didn't try to resolve the doughnut issue and that he didn't even offer to carry the box.  So, as he walked up ahead of me, I called after him and asked if we were done.  Nick turned around and said, "I don't know what else to say".  We just stood there, staring at each other.  The front door opened, we both put on our fake smiles and went inside for a fake fun night.  I ALWAYS love these.

After all that drama, one person ate half of a doughnut.  


Once the evening was over, we got home and got in bed.  Nick snuggled up to me and said, "Are you still mad at me?".  And I said, "What about YOU being mad at me...you wouldn't look at me all night!".  Nick said, "No, you wouldn't look at ME all night!".

We both laughed and I said, "Stupid doughnuts".

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