I have ALWAYS loved that Nick and I chose to write our own Wedding Vows because we talked about and decided on what we wanted to promise to each other.  Through the years, I have often thought back to our Vows and wondered how are we doing in keeping them!

I still remember standing on the stage and saying my Vows to Nick.  I could hardly speak because I was so choked up, realizing that I was promising some pretty serious things!!!

But, it's amazing to see, 8 years later, how we have ALREADY lived out our Vows.  We are best friends.  We pray for each other.  We have stuck by each other no matter what comes our way.

Still to this day, I CANNOT believe that I got to marry Nick Stewart.  Everyone who knows him loves him.  He is compassionate, sincere, disciplined, hard-working, trustworthy, selfless, calm, strong, handsome, kind, smart, funny and so many other wonderful things.  
I will forever be thankful that God brought us together.  

To my Nick,
Happy 8th Anniversary...I love you and...

I thank my God every time I remember you.
Philippians 1:3

Let's be Friends:

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