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     Last month I read the book Tribes by Seth Godin!...basically, it talks about doing things differently, going against the flow and being a leader (at least, that's what I got from it).  The advantage of doing things differently, going against the flow and being a leader is that you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE...the disadvantage is that sometimes it REALLY BOTHERS PEOPLE and IT'S HARD!

“Leadership is scarce because few people are willing to go through the discomfort required to lead. This scarcity makes leadership valuable. If everyone tries to lead all the time, not much happens. It’s discomfort that creates the leverage that makes leadership worthwhile” (p. 55).

     Last weekend, Nick and I flew to Utah and spent time camping at the Young Living Lavender Farm with our team!  CLICK HERE to watch a funny, short clip on what it means to be a Lemon Dropper :)  I love this job (can't believe it really IS a "job"), love that Nick loves it also, love that we spend time helping people, love the friends we''ve made and love the traveling that we get to do!!!  Here are a few of my favorite photos from all the fun we had!!! 

PS...it's pretty convenient 
that I read Tribes and then we spent the weekend 

Riding in the red bug!

Young Living Lavender Farm

Camping with a natural noise machine!

Young Living Corporate Offices

Young Living Warehouse

A room with a view.

LIndsay Moreno, our fearless leader!

Young Living Lavender Farm!!!

Lemon Dropper Campers

Band of Bearded Brothers (Lemon Dropper Men)

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