When I got my Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit in 2013, I had no idea how these little bottles would change my life. 

Before Young Living, I would get the crud I just couldn't kick.  But, since my kit arrived three and a half years ago, I have been 100 times better!  And that's just my health. I had no idea how much this would change my life financially. 

As soon as I got my starter kit, I knew I loved the oils and decided to start the business side the next day. Not only have I been able to work from home for over three years now and travel much more often, but I've been able to help pay off $26,355.47 in debt since September 2015! Last Thursday, we paid off the last little bit and it was amazing seeing our balance at $0. Still a little shocked that we did it, but feeling the burden lifted is amazing! 

I'm so thankful for Young Living and my Lemon Dropper team for being such a blessing to Nick and me! And thank goodness we took Dave Ramsey as newlyweds.

There's nothing special about me and I have no secret to success. I bought a starter kit and started at 0 just like everyone else. Yes, it's been a lot of hard work over the past few years, but it was well worth it!  If you want to improve your health and live with more freedom, I'd love to share how I've done it.  Please feel free to send me an email.  And since we talked money, here is the Young Living Income Disclosure.

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