Did you know that our skin soaks up everything we put on it, both harmful and beneficial?  Men and women will do just about anything to have a youthful appearance, but many of the lotions and creams and serums are raising our risk of cancer and disease because of their toxic, synthetic ingredients.  I've even read that many ingredients that are said to prevent wrinkles are actually increasing them.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  

Asian women have some of the most beautiful skin in all the world.  They work hard for their amazing complexions by using up to 18 products per day just on their face!!!  Since most people (including me) don’t have the time or money for that, we have another suggestion: “Less is more”…here are six easy steps, using my favorite Young Living productsfor a beautiful, radiant glow…cleanse, exfoliate, tone, restore, moisturize and refine!!!

1.  CLEANSE.  I really love the both the ART Gentle Cleanser and Orange Blosom Facial Wash, but if I had to choose one, I would go with the Orange because it smells like a smoothie if your shower.

2.  EXFOLIATE (twice per week).  The Satin Facial Scrub is amazing because it gently exfoliates, without stripping my skin, and leaves a nice, clean glow.

3.  TONE.  This is also great in the morning when you don't want to wash with soap, just add a little to a cotton round and give your face a swipe.  The ART Refreshing Toner is my favorite...or just plain old Witch Hazel!

4.  RESTORE.  This steps really makes a huge difference in my skin tone and appearance of tiny wrinkles creeping up on me.  I was slack for a while and just got back to using the ART Renewal Serum and can tell big time!  I've read that in the summer when it's so hot and humid, it can replace your regular moisturizer.

5.  MOISTURIZE.  There are several options here, but my favorite is Sheerlume because it visibly brightens my skin, without leaving me feeling greasy or causing me to break out.

6.  REFINE.  This is my favorite step to do, while I take a nice, long, hot bath and read a book.  I use the scrub mentioned above first, leave for about 10 minutes, wash it off and then slather a tiny amount of the ART Creme Mask and leave from 10 minutes to even overnight at times!

Rose Ointment.  This is a must have for dry skin, rough skin, lips, cuticles, irritated or itchy skin and so much more.  Basically, if you have skin, you need a jar of this.
Wolfberry Eye Cream.  Perfect for the delicate skin around the eyes!
Lavender Lip Balm.  This stuff if my absolute favorite.  I love how it feels and looks on my lips.  Plus, it stays on for a long time so I don't have to continuously be reapplying!

So, here I am without makeup...I took this selfie this morning after a walk with my sister!  My skin still has some issues, but has really improved since I began using this Young Living regime I shared with you (I learned from the pros at the 2014 Young Living International Convention).  My oil has decreased, acne has gone down, less blackheads, the tone and color is more even and I don't really have many wrinkles yet.  I decided long ago that I'd rather spend money on quality products for my skin, than spend all that money on makeup.  Instead of hiding my bad skin, I want to be proud of my natural face and be confident enough to leave my house without makeup anytime I need to go out.

If you have some questions, just shoot me an email.  Or if you'd like to try this amazing 6 step protocol listed above, click my link here and I'll hook you up!  Be sure to leave my enroller and sponsor id in the boxes so that I can be your go to girl and answer your millions of questions :)  Still want more info?  Click here to read more about my personal story with Young Living Essential Oils.

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