Although we travel a lot, we rarely get a restful, just the two of us, type vacation.  Usually we are visiting friends and family or traveling for business.  The last time we took a week-long vacation for just us was almost 6 years ago!  So, one of our goals for this year was to go on a trip together, without inviting anyone else along or visiting anyone else during our getaway.  We had a great time and know that we need to do this more often.  

Groupon had a great deal on the Sonesta Resort in Hilton Head, so we chose to go there based on my mom and sister loving the place.  We weren't disappointed, so I wanted to share a few things that I would recommend the next time you take a vacation in Hilton Head!

1.  Go shopping at the Tanger Outlets.

2.  Eat dinner at Holy Tequila, the best mexican restaurant we have ever been to!  The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing, with a live guitarist every single night.

3.  Take a walk (or run) on the beach.

4.  Eat at Poseidon.

5.  Go explore Pinckney Island...you might even catch a glimpse of a gator!

6.  Stop by Healthy Habit (as often as possible) for juices, smoothies and chopped salads.

7.  Grab a burger at CharBar.  Bonus?  Get sweet potato tots on the side.

8.  Rent a bike for the day.  We biked for 7 hours and covered 27 miles, stopping along the way to check things out and eat.  It was definitely an adventure!

9.  Stock up at Fresh Market and Whole Foods.

10.  Enjoy Tapas at Wise Guys.

11.  Drive over to Savannah for the day.  Even better...hop on a trolley to get around town, while learning history!

12.  Pick up some books and grab a coffee at Barnes and Noble for a relaxing afternoon.

13.  Grab some Italian and Trattoria Divina.

14.  Head over to Beaufort for the day.

15.  Eat breakfast at The Hilton Head Diner as many times as possible.

16.  Take lots of photos to document all the memories you're making!

Have you been to Hilton Head and got something I should add to my list?  Share with me in the comments below!

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