As you know, I love to travel.  Another thing you may know about me, is that I love to live simply.  However, when packing for a trip, it is easy to overpack when wondering, "what if I need this?", "what if it's hot?", "what if it' cold?", "what if we go to a fancy restaurant?" and a million other things that I imagine might happen.  I try to only pack what I really need.   And just like my clothes, I also want to keep my toiletries to a minimum.  This includes my essential oils stash.

San Francisco Airport

Ever since we fell in love with Young Living Essential Oils, my mom has said that if she had to chose two oils, it would be Peppermint and Lavender.  She swears by these two oils and says that they cover pretty much everything.  Although I'd love to take all my oils with me when I travel, I find that I have actually adopted her theory.  In my purse, I always carry Peppermint and Lavender for the day to day.  But, now when I travel, these have also become my go-to oils.

Let me share a few reasons why I love these oils:

Peppermint...ahh Peppermint.
1.  Bad breath and not near my toothbrush?  Swipe a little bit on my tongue to freshen my breath.
2.  Adding a drop to my water helps with breath and keeps me energized.
3.  Rubbing a drop behind my ears helps me wake up.
4.  Massaging a drop or two into anything sore, swollen or aching...this is great during long, uncomfortable flights.
5.  When I feel nauseated, this oil is a life saver and helps me keep it all down.
6.  Bad smells from fellow travelers?  Peppermint freshens everything up really fast.
7.  Burning up?  This oil will cool you down in seconds.
8.  Tension and pounding in my head?  Peppermint relieves pressure right away.
9.  When traveling, I usually encounter some tummy troubles.  Peppermint is my go-to.  Rub it on my belly and I'm good to go.

Lavender.  It didn't get it's nickname "Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils" for nothing!
1.  Sometimes when I am out in the sun and using sunscreen, I get these weird bumps on my chest....Lavender always calm it down within 24 hours!
2.  Can't sleep on the plane?  I put a drop in my eye mask and sniffed my way to sweet dreams.
3.  Can't sleep in a strange bed?  I massage a drop into the bottoms of my feet and wipe a little across my pillow...problem solved!
4.  Too much sun?  Lavender is great to relieve the heat and color.
5.  It's also a good oil for any scrapes or cuts from too much adventure.
6.  Tense or stressed while out of your comfort zone?  Just swipe some Lavender on your wrists, back of neck and take a sniff...you'll feel yourself begin to relax.

Do you see what I mean?  These two oils cover everything.  These are just the ways that I used them in the last week in Hawaii...15 uses in seven days with just two oils!

But I can't stop there.  Let's do a bonus round.

Another Young Living product that every traveler could use it Rose Ointment!

My view in Oahu last week!

Rose Ointment was a life saver for me in Hawaii:
1.  Weird skin issues or breakouts?  Dab on some Rose Ointment and watch them disappear overnight.
2.  Remove eye makeup without all the pulling and tugging in that delicate area.
3.  All the salt and sun dried out my skin, so I used this balm on my nails to avoid hangnails...I also used it on my heels, toes, elbows and face for some dry patches.
4.  It was great for cuts and scrapes after surviving Mermaid Cave.
5.  The bugs loved me but I hate them.  I dabbed this stuff on the itchy spots.
6.  To my dismay, I ran out of my Lavender Lip Balm, but was excited to find out this Ointment works well on my lips too!
7.  It's even great to wipe through ends of dried out locks.

And one final item and then I promise I'm done.  I know, I know...I'm a liar, I said "two essential oils" and have tacked on two products, but I just can't resist.

My "stay awake and alert" secret

Ningxia Red.  Just call this Ninja Juice, ok?
1.  This is the highest antioxidant product on the market so, as I'm soaking up the rays, my skin is staying young.  Win win.
2.  It also really helps with energy.  After the time zones get you all out of whack and when you're exhausted but still aren't back home yet, this stuff is the bomb.
3.   And for those of us who struggle with tummy troubles when away from home, this is a go to.

So, whether you're a traveler, or a minimalist, or a busy business owner, or a mom with a million kids...these essential oils and products can really make your load lighter, while covering more.  Less but better.  I like that.

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Want some of your own?  Click my personal link HERE to get yours and shoot me a message to let me know so that we can connect!  I've got an online education group for you and often have in person classes and events for those who are local!  I promise you'll fall in love with your oils, just like I did!

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  1. The peppermint sure does help me when I'm sleep deprived! lol And I like it better than coffee some days because I feel refreshed. Coffee sometimes either doesn't do anything or makes me jittery. But I do still like coffee. ;)