Ironman has been a little run down this week. It started out with a scratchy throat, pounding head and stuffiness after a weekend in the mountains with a bunch of sick nieces and nephews. However, he has been hitting the essential oils hard and now only has stuffiness still hanging around. Watching him use the oils all week got me thinking about how many people think that essential oils are only for women.  That simply isn’t true!  Ironman is proof, because he uses and loves Young Living Essential Oils just as much as I do. Here are 10 reasons why YOU, as a man, need these little bottles of goodness in your life too!  
Ironman's recent favorites...
1. Occasional Stress...Ironman loves to come home to a calming atmosphere, so I always make sure that I am diffusing something that he enjoys when he gets home from work. Lavender is a popular oil that is very calming. We have even found that Lemon relaxes us too. But for on the go, Stress Away Roll On is a great one to throw in your briefcase or slip into your pocket.
2. Soreness and Discomfort...Ironman is really into exercise, but that means that he can get pretty sore and stiff. Peppermint is perfect for tired muscles and aching joints because of the cooling sensation that it leaves behind. For added strength, Ironman layers Copaiba on top of the Peppermint! He even loves the Ortho Sport Massage Oil because it doesn't have to be diluted, but can simply be massaged directly onto the affected area.
Ironman competing in a Triathlon!

3. Good Night's Rest...Ironman is actually a pretty good sleeper, but he loves for us to diffuse something calming in our room each night. Lavender and Cedarwood have been our go to for years and we still love that combo! If we want to kick it up a notch, we even add Frankincense to our wrists and back of neck and it knocks us right out.
4. Tension...Ironman works hard and sometimes brings that stress home with him. Pan Away around the hairline, back of neck and across forehead is great! Peppermint and Copaiba can even be layered on top of that for a stronger result. Taking some time to relax on the couch and diffuse something calming like Stress Away also helps! Plus, if tension affects your digestion, DiGize is a great one to rub into the lower belly to help with unease.
Ironman trying out Barre with me!

5. Healthy Digestion...Talking about digestion, sometimes Ironman has trouble after a meal of spicy foods or if he ate too much and feels uncomfortable. Lemon and Peppermint are great ones for this! Ironman ingests a drop of each and then rubs a drop of Peppermint on his stomach! Citrus Fresh is also one that he enjoys adding to his water to help with digestion and motivate him to stay hydrated.
6. Energy and Focus...Each morning, Ironman adds a drop of Peppermint to his stainless steel water bottle and drinks it throughout the day. He swears that it gives him energy and helps him focus. Plus, it helps him with good breath...win, win! He also takes Ningxia Red (Young Living's antioxidant drink) each morning and says that he can tell he's not at his best on the days that he forgets to take it.
Ironman getting in his Ningxia Red after his Triathlon!

7. Stuffy / Itchy / Sneezy...Ironman has been diffusing Thieves all week to try to beat the crud. Plus, he's been using his Breathe Again Roll On for his throat and under his nose to help with the scratchy throat and stuffy nose. I'm glad to say that he is on the mend!
8. Hair Growth...Young Living Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner is a great place to start. Adding in oils like Cedarwood and Rosemary can benefit, especially if massaged into balding spot vigorously for 2-3 minutes before bed each night. Ironman tried this about 2 years ago and though we saw some improvement, but it was hard for him to remember to do each night and he eventually gave up. Maybe he will try again at some point!
Ironman helps with the planting
at the Young Living Lavender Farm!
9. Fresh Breath...Ironman will swipe a drop of Peppermint on his tongue or add it to his water bottle and drink slowly throughout the day. It really makes such a huge difference! Speaking of fresh breath, keep other things fresh also...diffuse Purification and Lemon in your truck and man cave to keep them smelling fresh. Add a drop to a cotton ball and leave in gym bag to keep that smelling clean too!

10. RoMANce...Ironman smells like a lumberjack when he wear Shutran. It's like a spicy blend of forest in a bottle and I love it! The blend is said to boost feelings of masculinity and confidence and can be worn daily as cologne. Plus, you can go ahead and get your wife a bottle of Joy and she can wear it daily as perfume. Let's just say you'll both be feeling more romantic within no time...wink wink!

Honestly, Ironman uses the oils more diligently than me! So, this is just a small list of his popular go to oils, but there are many more and I didn't even talk about his favorite Young Living products...that will have to be another future blog post. Needless to say, essential oils are not only for women, but for men too! Anyone who is trying to live a healthier, less toxic lifestyle can benefit from these wonderful little bottles. If you're interested in learning more, click HERE or feel free to shoot me an email for additional help.
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