You basically spend all your life on your feet or on your back, so you'd better make sure to get the best shoes and mattress that (your) money can buy!  I heard this years ago from my mom, who heard it from a very smart doctor, so I'm totally sure it's fact.

My favorite mattress ever!!!

For years, Ironman and I have used hand-me-down mattresses from friends and family.  It saved us so much money at times when we couldn't afford to go shopping for our own.  When we were first married, we had a comfortable queen mattress found in my mimi's attic.  We eventually moved overseas and gave it away to someone else who needed it.  Then, when we came back to town, someone else was generous enough to give us another queen sized mattress that we used for years.  We eventually moved overseas again and gave it away to someone else who needed a bed.  Then, in 2015, when we moved back to town again and bought a house, Ironman's family gave us a bunch of furniture as they cleaned out his grandaddy's house...so we got another queen mattress!  For some reason, though, we could never get quite comfortable on this one (maybe because it was so old?!) and so we decided to cave, be grown ups and buy ourselves a brand new mattress!!!

We searched for months and even tried some out in stores, but never felt good about taking the plunge...plus the prices were so high.  However, my friend Beth bought a new mattress online and bragged about how comfortable and inexpensive it was.  So, Ironman and I went for it.  We bought the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam King Sized Mattress and have been so happy with it!  It shipped right to our home and was really easy to set up.  It is the most comfortable and largest mattress that we have ever owned and we have slept better in the past year than we have ever slept before.

I know that in the past, we tried to save money by using old, free mattresses, but after having bought this nice one, I totally agree with the importance of having a great mattress.  Quality sleep affects everything.

So, now that we have that cleared up, let's move on to the shoes!

My favorite shoes ever!!!

Have you ever worn cheap shoes that give you blisters and after one loop around the mall, you're feet are already killing you?  I used to think that more was better.  I wanted cute shoes for each outfit, so that I would have plenty of options.  However, to buy so many, I had to buy lesser quality and my feet truly suffered for it.  I would go to parties or events and all I could think about was that my feet were killing me and I was dying to take off my shoes.  Then, when I would take off my shoes, I felt dumb walking around barefoot and that it was a waste to have cute shoes that hurt too much to enjoy.  So, over the last few years, I have weeded out my shoes to have less, but higher quality.

For winter, I have a pair of super comfortable cowgirl boots and Toms wedges and flats.  A pair of Rainbow flip flops and Birkenstock sandals for summer, plus a pair of wedge sandals from TJMaxx.  For dressing up, I have a few pairs of black and nude colored heels.  Don't forget my gym shoes and pink, unicorn bedroom shoes!  So, as you can see, there aren't many pairs of shoes, but I try to make sure that they are all good quality and are comfortable.  Over the past few months, though, I have been wearing more heels and wedges and have noticed the back of my ankle throbbing, so maybe I need to get back to more flats.  It's probably another great post idea for future blogging!

Needless to say, you spend all your life either awake or asleep...on your feet or on your back.  So, it's important to make sure to invest in good shoes and a quality mattress!  I know that I feel so much better when I am well rested and comfortable in my clothes.  It makes such a difference in my attitude and in turn, affects my everyday life!  Sure, it costs more to buy quality items, but that's why I buy fewer items.  That's why I love the Capsule Wardrobe and believe that it can be a part of the rest of your home, not just your closet.  Living more simply, with higher quality items, is a good idea in every area of your life...home, relationships, schedule and so much more!

What is an area that you use to skimp on that you now spend more money on for higher quality?

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