The end of the world as we know it.

     This is a very popular topic lately...news...tv shows...movies...it's everywhere!  It's a terrifying thing to imagine, but it seems that the world can't stop focusing on it.  I've heard people talk about stocking up on guns and ammunition, rice and bottled water, building bunkers underground, growing their own food and more.  Guys get all excited because they imagine themselves protecting their women and being all super hero, while the girls imagine being all cute and enjoying the damsel in distress life.  On TV, everyone has clean hair, clear skin, cool clothes, unlimited bullets, enough food and usually only the bad guys die.

Media is KILLING us.

     There is no glamour in what we are imagining.  I don't believe in Zombie's, but I DO believe that we will get to the End Times.  And it will NOT be anything that we have imagined.  

     NO ONE will be clean, clothes will be filthy, people will smell terrible, run out of supplies and family and friends will go missing with no way to contact them or know if they are even alive.  People who have gardens, bunkers and supplies will be targeted and murdered for their possessions.  Those who didn't prepare will become hungry and desperate and do things that they never thought they would do.  No one will be safe.  There will be mass chaos.

     Think about it:  You have been preparing for YEARS and storing up what you and your family will need to survive.  The end of the world finally approaches and you see people starving and killing all around you.  Will you be content to hide away and "survive"?

     There is only so much you can do to prepare for something this devastating.  

     I DO believe that it is wise to prepare, but it is NOT wise to worry.  Only The LORD knows when the END is and what will happen.  So, as you are considering the future, remember that you can't control what happens to you anyway.  

     For years, I watched many people worry and prepare and ended up wondering what my own family would do.  I asked my dad and he said that they have not stored up anything or made plans and if it does come down to it, they will take in anyone who needs help and share whatever they have to give and trust God to take care of the rest...I like that approach, so in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse, you can find Nick me at The Jackson Plantation!

     And if you want a good laugh...please watch this video as two brothers convince their little sister of a zombie apocalypse!

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