The desires of Nick's heart...

Ever since Nick and I began talking about buying a house, he has wanted a house that had a BIG garage...he wanted space to work, to have a worktop area, a radio, to have his tools and to have the freedom to work out here and enjoy time to himself.

Honestly, I was NOT interested in this house that we bought at all...it was very dated on the inside and would need lots of work...there were no trees in the yard...I had my reasons.  So, for MONTHS I didn't come to look at this house.

One day, though, as we were talking about having a new home built in a promising new neighborhood in Florence, I realized that (if we built there) Nick would NOT have a garage to do his "man things".

So, I decided to come look at this house and within an hour (and without Nick seeing the house yet), we made an offer.

It's so neat to have yet another reminder that The LORD cares about our desires, even the very simple ones that we think don't matter!  Because God LOVES us, our wants and needs matter to HIM!

So, here Nick is...working in his garage, with all his materials and tools, doors open, cool breeze blowing through and listening to music that he loves...God sure does love Nick Stewart (me too).

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