I want you to take TWO short minutes to watch this video:  YOU BELONG

This is MY group.

This is where I BELONG.

November 20th, 2013 was the day that I went to my first Essential Oils 101 class.  I remember sitting there on the couch, learning about the oils and smelling each bottle that was passed my way.  I dove in that night and 7 days later I received my oils in the mail.  I was a believer within 24 hours and decided that I wanted to help get these oils into everyone's hands!

No one told me what I was getting myself into...

I didn't just get some oils from Young Living, I was welcomed into the Lemon Droppers group!  It was as if I got a second family...I started making friends left and right...I started talking to my new girlfriends all of the time!  Before the Lemon Droppers, I honestly felt a little bored and lonely.  I didn't have a job that I loved and I felt that I had no purpose...I thought that my only option was to eventually have kids and be a stay at home mom (not that this is a bad thing!...I just needed something until that time).  I really didn't know what to do with myself!  But........for the last 16 months, my life has totally changed!

I am more CONFIDENT in myself.
I am developing my LEADERSHIP skills.
I am taking better CARE of myself.
I am a part of something BIGGER than myself.
I have TIME to be a good friend, sister, daughter, wife and (one day) mother.
I am able to HELP others.
I am able to support world MISSIONS.
I am more financially STABLE.
I am my own BOSS.
I am achieving my DREAMS (I've got a big Bucket List).

I am absolutely convinced that I am in the right place...
this is more than a business

We are changing lives...
I am a Lemon Dropper 
and THIS is where I BELONG :)

---Happy 2 year Oilyversary to my fearless leader, Lindsay Moreno...the Lemon Droppers are such a Blessing to Nick and me and I'm so thankful that we are a part of this group!!!

I'd LOVE to hear from some of my readers...where do YOU belong?!!?!?

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