10 Years With Nick Stewart

     Sometime, during the Spring of 2005, I went to Charleston, SC to interview for a summer job in the Magic Kingdom.  Mark Temple and Spence Romine picked me up in Columbia, SC where I was attending Columbia International University.  

2005, while working in the Magic Kingdom

 Before my interview began, I met Nick Stewart.  I honestly don't remember what I was thinking...I had been in such a panic trying to remember my home addresses over the past 10 years while filling out my application.  Mark, Nick and I were all called into our interview together and Nick said that he was so worried that I wouldn't like him after he had to tell the interviewer that he had a tattoo on his leg (I don't even remember his tattoo confession).  After our interviews were over, we all hopped into our cars and drove over to Moe's to get some lunch.  Nick says that he sat by me and tried to talk to me, but I wouldn't talk (I don't remember that either)!!!

2006, while attending Francis Marion University together

     So, you seem a theme here right!?!?!?!  I don't remember most of what happened on the day that we met.  But, do you know what I DO remember???  


  We got back into our cars to go home, Nick was looking for his keys that his friends had hidden from him...Spence turned to me and said, "You will NEVER meet anyone better than Nick Stewart!".  Now, THAT stuck with me.  

2008, at Pawley's Island

    It seemed that God had plans for Nick Stewart and Emily Jackson.  I got home and found out that we had actually BEEN GOING TO THE SAME CHURCH.  Then, I went to Florida for the summer and we ended up having the SAME JOB (in Disney World) WITH THE SAME HOURS, so I rode to and from work with him every single day.  We had NEIGHBORING ROOMS in the hotel where we lived for the summer and we were placed on the SAME CAMPUS OUTREACH TEAM.  When the summer was over, the school that I was applying and transferring to was THE SAME SCHOOL THAT NICK WAS GOING TO.  And finally, when I moved into my apartment, turns out NICK WAS MY NEIGHBOR THERE TOO!     

2009, serving with OM Ships

 I just could not get away from Nick Stewart (I didn't want to at all, so I was 
totally ok with this)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010, visiting Bolivia

      After dating for almost two years, we got married in 2007.  We still had two semesters left of school so we both went to school full-time and worked all of the hours that we weren't asleep or in class!  We were determined to make it work...we both graduated and went into missions with OM Ships.  


We have worked many different jobs together.

2012, visiting the Faroe Islands

We have traveled all over the world together.

2013, at an Atlanta Braves Game.

We have dreamed together and made wonderful memories.

2014, in Scotland

     And you know what I have found after these 10 years?!?!?! 

2015, in Bolivia

Spence Romine was right...I have never and will never meet anyone better than Nick Stewart.

So, here is to 10 years knowing the BEST MAN in the world...I love you Nick Stewart!


  1. love your story of how you two met!
    Glad I could be a little part of your life many years ago.

    Helen Steele