I AM a teacher!!!!!

     Did you know that when I was in high school, I wanted to go to Cosmetology school?  Yep.  I LOVED cutting my Barbie's hair...later I upgraded to my friends' and sisters' hair (they totally trusted me).  I LOVED doing face masks, hair masks, face scrubs, manicures, pedicures, waxing my legs and all that good stuff.  I also learned to LOVE products that were safe and natural, without toxic chemicals.  However, even though I was interested in and passionate about this stuff, my parents said that I had to go to college and get a degree first...then I could go to cosmetology school.

     So, I applied for college.

     Did you know that I went to college to be an Elementary Education teacher?  Yep.  I started at Columbia International University...spent 1.5 years there.  Then I transferred to Francis Marion University...spent 3 years there.  The entire time I was in BOTH schools, I kept saying that I didn't like it...I didn't want to be a teacher...but, everyone would assure me that I would like it once I got my own classroom.  I wanted to quit.  But, I stuck it out.  I graduated.  I got my own classroom.  And do you know what?...I still didn't like it.  I didn't last long before I quit and moved on to other jobs.

     So, I quit teaching and I never went to school for cosmetology...for years, I felt like a failure...pretty much all of my 20s.

     But you know what happened last Friday???  I went to my old school here in Bolivia and substitute taught for the day.  From 8am-3pm, I was in the 2nd grade classroom and you know what I found?...I STILL don't like teaching...kids!!!!!!

     It's as if (all of a sudden) TWO things became very clear:

1.  It's true....I don't like teaching kids, but I DO like teaching (I was just in the wrong age group)!!!!!!!  I am organized, creative and a good communicator and I use that everyday...I teach people about finding wellness, beauty and financial freedom with Young Living Essential Oils.


2.  It's true...I didn't go to cosmetology school, but I HAVE spent over a decade educating myself!!!!!!  I read and research (almost daily) about caring for our bodies through clean living and safe, natural products...I implement what I learn in my own life and teach others to do so.

    I realized, looking back, that God saw the big picture and had this all planned out from the very beginning...HE took my passion, combined it with my degree and put me in my SWEET SPOT!  

     So, I AM a teacher...I hereby declare myself a Wellness, Beauty & Financial Freedom Teacher...and you know what?!?!?!?...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Subbing 2nd Grade

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