Villa Albina

     Yesterday, we decided to take a trip to Villa Albina.  This is one of the many houses that Simón Iturri Patiño built...remember we already visited one of his other local homes, Palacio Portales???  

     After we enjoyed the mansion and the gardens, we decided to walk up the mountain a little more, in search of Patiño's tomb.  On the way up some people were getting ready to catch up and run past us...I could hear them talking and knew that they were Americans.  They ran past Juana and me and said "Buenos Días".  Then, they ran past Nick and the wife said, "You're not Bolivian!".  As Nick was laughing and agreeing, the wife saw his Clemson hat and said, "I LOVE Clemson...I'm from South Carolina."  Nick told her that we are from Florence and she said, "I'm from Darlington!". Immediately, I knew who this couple was and started walking faster to try to catch up.  At this point, both the wife and husband stopped running and turned around to talk to us.  The husband said, "We know someone from Florence...he is a big guy."  I quickly said, "WICK JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!" and of course this was the correct answer!  Turns out that this couple was Marcus and Jennifer Morris who are local missionaries.  They are the directors of Agua Viva de la Roca, where Sandra grew up going to school.  AND, we went to their home for dinner around the year 2000.  It's so crazy, but it's true that the more you travel, the smaller the world gets!

Inside the mansion...all of the rooms are connected by a courtyard instead of hallways.

Don't you just LOVE big, old trees like this one?!?!

Part of the gardens.

Villa Albina

Waiting for the bus.

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