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     My classmate, Gustavo, took us out for the day on Friday to show us some of the little towns on the outskirts of the Cochabamba Valley.  We visited Tarata, Arani, Punata and Angostura...there is so much culture and history in these beautiful old buildings.  It is sad, though, because as many little towns try to keep up with the ever changing world, they are tearing down and replacing buildings that are hundreds of years old!!!

     We first drove to Tarata and visited an old Monastery that still has three monks, but is mainly used for events and as a Museum.

Old Monastery in Tarata that is now used as a Museum.

     The inside of this Monastery had an old clock that was shot to death by one of our old Presidents, Mariano Melgarejo.  Apparently he was mad that the clock didn't have the correct time, so he shot it many times...now it has never worked again!!!

Inside the Monastery/Museum.

Inside the Monastery/Museum...right before I was attacked by red ants!!!

    Most of the old buildings and homes are being torn down and replaced...there were only a handful of streets that looked like the old Bolivia...

Some old homes in Tarata that are still left standing!!!

Some old homes in Tarata that are still left standing!!!

The Catholic Church in Tarata.

Inside the Catholic church in Tarata.

The first Organ brought over from Europe to Bolivia.

The Plaza Principal in Tarata.

     After Tarata, we drove back to the Angostura Lake to have lunch at Lago del Eden...this was always one of my favorite places to eat and was where my class had our senior skip day in 2004!!!!  It was so fun to see the place again and eat there...a lot has changed in 11 years!!!!

El Lago de la Angostura.

Trout for lunch :)

Lago Del Eden.

Overlooking Angostura Lake.

     After lunch, we drove through Punata to get to Arani.  It was another sweet little old town, just like Tarata.

The Catholic Church in Arani.

The Catholic Church in Arani.

The Clock Tower in Arani.

Wheelchair access in the Plaza Principal...do you see what's wrong with this photo???

Arani neighborhood street.

Overlooking Arani.

     And this was just touring parts of Cochabamba!!!!!!  
There are so many amazing places to see here :)

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