My WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

EVERY person has a reason WHY they do EVERYTHING that they do...

People choose:
a.  a job
b.  a spouse
c.  a city, state, country and continent
d.  a style
e.  a home
f.  a way of transportation
g.  a place to spend vacation
h.  a name for a new baby
i.  a budget
j.  the list goes on and on

     In everything that we do, we make a choice AND for every choice that we make, there is a reason WHY!!!

     So, I want to share my WHY?!?!?!?!??!  Many of you have asked me, "Why do you use essential oils?" and "Why would you want to sell essential oils?"...ok you might have worded it a little differently, but you get the picture...

My Essential Oils WHY: Health and Happiness
     I have used essential oils my entire life and have always LOVED doing everything that I can to avoid harmful chemicals.  I love it so much, I actually spend my free time reading and looking up products and chemicals within different companies…and I enjoy it ☺  For years, I didn’t really know that much about essential oils except that I thought they smelled good and that they were "natural".  During November 2013, I went to a class and learned about Young Living Essential Oils.  I was SUPER excited about what I learned and immediately got a starter kit and saw positive results!  Since then, I have done more and more reading and research in order to learn as much as I can about Young Living essential oils and how they don’t just smell good, but that they are therapeutic!  So, I decided that I wanted to tell other people about Young Living Essential Oils in hopes that they would learn about health and wellness and live healthier lives because of it!  For years, Nick said that I should go back to school to do something in holistic health and/or alternative medicine...but I didn't like the idea of more school or have the money to return to school.  Young Living and the Lemon Droppers provided a way for me to do what I always LOVED without forking out a lot of cash or sitting through years of classes!

This brings me to My Lemon Dropper WHY: Help Others and Travel
 I grew up overseas in Ethiopia and Bolivia and have spent my entire life traveling.  Then, I got married and Nick contracted the Travel Fever from me and my family.  We served with OM Ships in missions for three years and lived and volunteered on their ship for 6 months.  We have lived on as little as possible during our 7 years married, so that we could travel as much as possible.  We have visited 17 countries so far!!!  BUT, we have a long list of countries that we still want to see! Plus, the more that we travel, the more that we meet and form friendships all over the world...then we have to travel even more, so that we can visit all of those new friends :)  So, all this to say, when I started sharing about Young Living Essential Oils, my ultimate goal was that it would support us both financially so that we can help people more and travel indefinitely!  In the past, we could only go on short trips because we had to come back to work.  But, now, we can work while we travel!  I began the business side in December 2013...exactly a year ago.  It has taken me a year and a lot of hard work, but on December 29th, Nick and I are flying to Bolivia and staying there for three months!!!  The only reason that we are able to live out this crazy dream is because of us joining the Lemon Dropper team!!!

     So, I want to CHALLENGE you to think about YOUR WHY!!!!!!  
Think about each BIG decision that you have made concerning your life...  
WHY do you do what you do?  
What is your dream life?  
Where do you want to be in 1, 5, 10 or 20 or more years?
What is your WHY?!?!?!?!?
Are you living out your WHY?!?!?!?  If not, then WHY??!!??!?!?!

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