Good food and old friends...

     The last few mornings we have woken up to the sun baking us in our bed, but Friday morning we woke up to overcast and rainy weather...it was like a late Christmas gift!!!!!  I LOVE this type of weather...it so calm and peaceful.  The poor little dog Tyson doesn't like it though, and managed to get himself under his blanket and swaddle himself up like a little baby...it's always so funny to me that even animals like warmth and comfort :)

     I have a LONG list of Bolivian foods that I have been craving for YeArS!!!!!!  Juana suggested Salteñas for lunch and I was SUPER excited!!!  We chose Carne Dulce (sweet chicken).

     Every afternoon, we have had our siesta and it has been wonderful!!!  We open up the windows, turn on the fan and fall asleep to the view of the Andes Mountains.  I LOVE how life is so much slower here...even if we went out during lunch and early afternoon, many places close down for siesta anyway.  This forces us to take a rest ourselves and it has been such a treat!!!!

     Nick really wants us to join a gym while we are here and make it part of our daily routine.  I asked around and most of my local friends suggested Premier and Formas, two popular gyms in town.  We needed to go see the gym and ask about prices, so Juana and Nick and I set out and walked that way.  On the way, however, Juana said that there is a park with gym equipment to work out outside.  We decided to go check that out first.  We walked a LONG way and I kept asking Juana if she meant the kids park under the bridge by the Prado.  She kept saying that there was a separate area for people to exercise.  We finally arrived and I was right...kids park.  There were little yellow and red play things for CHILDREN to exercise their arms and legs.  Juana seriously thought that Nick should pay 2 Bolivianos per day and go exercise on those things.  Nick and I burst out laughing and told Juana that we needed to go to the other gyms to look.  We walked a LONG way to get back to Formas gym and as soon as we walked up the steps and entered the gym, Juana burst out laughing and said that now she sees why the childrens playground wasn't going to cut it for Nick :)  Apparently, gym attendance has never been high on Juana's list!!!!  After the gym, we were close to IC Norte so we walked a little more to get some groceries there...by then, we had walked so much that my feet were bleeding!!!!!  I hobbled around IC Norte while we got some things we needed and was so happy when Juana and Nick said that we could take a Taxi back home instead of walk!!!  It felt SO good to sit down in that Taxi seat and the ride was less than $2 :)

     For dinner, Gustavo picked us up.  Gustavo and I graduated high school together in 2004 from Carachipampa Christian School in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Nick and I were here in 2010 and Gustavo took us out to dinner then too...so its been a few years :)  When he picked us up Friday night, we drove around a little trying to find a place to eat but everywhere was packed.  We ended up parking on Pando and walking down to La Recoleta to choose a restaurant.  

    We finally agreed on Casa De Campo, got settled into seats and ordered...and then guess who walks in?!?!?!!!?...one of the American guys from the airport who was in "Immigration Jail" with me....remember we were all trying to get our Visas and I had to give a guy $5 to help him get his Visa since Immigration didn't have change???  WELL, THAT WAS THE SAME GUY!!!!!!! Nick kept saying that he couldn't believe that in a city of over one million people, that we ended up at the same restaurant as that guy...I just said "small world" :)  Anyway...back to the food...Nick and I ordered a Silpancho to share (yet another meal I've been craving for four years!!!!).

     Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, Nick and I woke up to another overcast, rainy day and Juana and Sandra in the kitchen cooking Empanadas and Api for breakfast!!!!  THIS MUST BE WHAT HEAVEN IS LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                  After breakfast, Nick and I took Tyson on a little walk through the local park...the mountains were so beautiful covered by the clouds and everything is so green from the rain...

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