New Years Eve

     Let me just start by saying that Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil has been my best friend for the past few days...on the plane it helped Nick and I with uneasy tummys, terrible breath, headache and then finally to keep us awake the last few hours of the trip.  Once we got settled in our apartment, I thought it was all behind us, until I got altitude sickness!!!  It basically feels like the flu, but it isn't the flu.  So, after LOTS of water, coca tea and rubbing Peppermint on my head and stomach, I'm feeling better!!!!!!

     I don't know about you, but I like to know what people look like and what their home looks like, so that when I am talking to them I can picture them and where they are.  So, I thought that some of you would enjoy seeing some of where we will be staying for the next three months...

Let's begin with one of our roommates, Tyson...he is the smallest dog I've ever been around!!!

Our Living/Dining room...that table by the window will be our work table :)

Our Kitchen...Juana and Sandra are cooking AMAZING treats!!!!

Our Laundry...

Our Bedroom...with a beautiful view!!!!

Our Bathroom...(you can't flush toilet paper here, so it ALL goes into the bathroom trashcan...true story)

     So, there is the grand tour :)  

     Nick and I aren't big into New Years...we rarely can keep ourselves awake.  Our old neighbors, however, invited us over for tea time, along with another woman and her son.  We had a great time sitting around and catching up.  Plus, it was so fun to walk down our old street and see our old house!  Juana and Sandra, along with my family, lived here from 2001-2004.  It was my favorite house that we lived in while in Bolivia.  The big window on the second floor was my parents master bedroom and the little window to the left of it was their bathroom.

     Once we got back to our apartment, we had big plans to stay up for New Years and eat some yummy treats, but by 11:30pm and after some good Lemon Pie, we all gave up and went to bed :)

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