Bring on 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow...2015...what can I say?!?!?!?!?

One of my goals for 2015 was to travel ALL year long...

And I did!

January through March, Nick and I were in Cochabamba, Bolivia!  I grew up here from 12-years-old through graduating high school so I always love to go home, enjoy the view of the Andes outside of my window, see some old friends and eat the amazing food!!!

We flew back to the USA and in April, we drove up to Illinois...

...and spent time with part of our Business Team in Quincy!!!

Then, in May, we flew to Salt Lake City...

...and camped at the Young Living Lavender Farm 
during Hustle Under The Stars...

...with our Business Team and two of our favorite people, Brian and Katie!

We flew back to South Carolina...

 ...and bought our first house on June 19th!

Then, a few days later, Young Living flew us back out to Utah again for the 
Silver Retreat, put us up in a great resort and spoiled us for days!

In July, we drove to Greenville and attended a fun 
Business Meeting and dinner with some of our team!!!

Then, in August, we drove all the way out to Texas...

... to attend the Young Living International Convention with our team!!!

We welcomed another niece into the world!

And then a few days later, for my 30th birthday, I chopped off and 
donated 12 inches...knocking another item off my bucket list!

In September, we drove down to Orlando to attend FUEL!!!

While we were there, we took time to visit Celebration (a "perfect" Disney town)...we were here 10 years ago, working in the Magic Kingdom for the summer...and falling in love :)

We came back home and, then in the beginning of October, I spent a weekend with about 40 girls in Tennessee at One Drop (another Business Event)!

We had a TON of rain and flooding and we almost couldn't get back home
...my hero came to save me in his big man truck and I took this photo that I adore :)

At the end of October, we flew up to Chicago...

 ...and attended another FUEL with some more of our team!!!

In November, we drove up to Greenville for Nick to compete in a 5k with his family...

...and I was a GREAT Cheerleader!

Finally December is here...we spent the weekend in 
Murrells Inlet to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

Then, the next weekend we drove down to Miami...

 ...to go on a Caribbean Cruise with my family!

See what I mean?!?!?!?...we traveled the ENTIRE year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since I was little, I wanted to be able to travel ALL OF THE TIME, but as I became an adult, I quickly realized that's hardly realistic.  I KNEW that I needed a job where I would have the freedom to travel, but I had NO IDEA where I would find a job like that!!!  

Isn't it funny how God KNOWS us, LOVES us, puts
DESIRES in our hearts and then GIVES them to us?!?!?!?!

I finally have my DREAM JOB and I'm checking things off my Bucket List because of it.

Here's to all the friendships I've built and memories I've made during 2015...

Bring on 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

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