Salt Lake City

This week will mark 7 months since I got my package of Young Living Essential Oils, started using and loving them and then, almost immediately, began selling them!  If you follow my blog regularly, lately you will have read all about my BIG DREAMS!!!!!  After going to university for something totally different and having lots of different jobs, I have finally found my sweet spot in life!!!!  I LOVE what I do...I get up in the morning and can't wait to get started on my work!  I always thought people lied when they said they loved their jobs.  But seriously, it's true...I love my job!  And guess what else I love?...to TrAvEL!!!!!!  And guess what I'm going right now????  I'm on my way to Salt Lake City for a huge Young Living convention.  Oh my goodness...job of my dreams.  Period.

Everyone knows that I'm a pretty detailed person, but every now and then I don't care about some details and just overlook them.  Like if someone says, "where are your layovers going to be?"...and I say, "um, I don't know...but I know I'm going to Salt Lake City".  Or someone says, "what band are you listening to?"...and I say, "ummmm, I don't know...but I know I like this song".  So, details aren't always important.  Well, long story short...I never noticed that the convention had a "name" or "theme".  Guess what it is?!?!?!?!?

Yep, DREAMS...call me crazy (or the crazy oil lady), but this is...crazy!!!!!!!  All these weeks that I have been dreaming, thinking about my dreams, writing down my dreams, talking with Nick about his dreams and blogging about our dreams...and the convention is Live Your Dream...ok, I think I will!!!!!  Didn't even notice this until yesterday when I was stalking Monique McLean on Facebook...just kidding, but really...you should stalk her too...sweet family and she's a Lemon Dropper.  Can't get much better than that!

My traveling was long and i was so so tired!  After a storm Saturday night and power loss around 7pm, a dogwood taking a little nap on top of my dad's truck, all the lights and fans coming back on around midnight, waking up at 3am, killing five centipedes and a roach in the bathroom, we left the house at 4am Sunday for the airport.  

I had my Complete bar to hold me over until some super yummy airplane food...yes, sarcasm, but "if you're really hungry, you'll eat anything", right?!?!

Although I'm a "world traveler", I'm a nervous flier.  I figure that each flight that I take increases my chance of being on a flight that I wish I wasn't on.  The man sitting beside me was explaining why I'm safer with each flight because of the something of the relativity or something...I was too anxious to concentrate.  And of course, the man and I had many connections through people we know in Florence...the more you travel, the smaller the world is.

In addition to my oils, I brought along my fruits, veggies and berries too!!!!  Haha...there's a first for everything.  It really helps me out since I would prefer living off of twizzlers, chocolate and brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts (just keepin in real here).   

...My ticket didn't include a bag for free, so obviously I was "forced" to travel with only a carry-on and a personal item.  It was not at all because Nick and I went shopping and this suitcase happened to be the only purple one in TJMaxx.  Ok maybe a little.  Ok, it was...even Nick said, "Well, you finally got the suitcase of your dreams...cute, little and purple"...at least I'm easily pleased right?!?!?!?!!

 And of course, on my flight from Charlotte to Pheonix, my neighbor commented on how good I smell and we ended up having a little essential oils lesson right there at 16F and 16E, with a couple other passengers leaning in to get a listen :)

I finally arrived in Salt Lake City and found my ride...I'm staying in a house with 11 Lemon Droppers (I know you're jealous)!  How do I know these girls?!...Facebook!  Have I ever met them in real life?...not yet!  How did I find them in the airport?...I was texted instructions on where to meet up and what my ride was wearing!  Social Media is a wonderful thing...I've reconnected with so many friends around the globe and met hundreds of new ones!!!  I found my ride, Leslie, and as we were waiting on the rental car, guess who showed up?!?!?!?!??!!!!?  Lindsay Moreno and her family!!!!!!!  Who is that, you may ask?  She is one of the incredible brains and talents behind the Lemon Droppers.  You've seen all my cute photos and fliers with my name on them???...Lindsay.  You've seen my brochures???...Lindsay.   You've seen my Handbooks???...Lindsay.  The list goes on and on.  I have never met her before, so I got nervous butterflies and started to sweat.  I know, pretty, right?  In my head, I was thinking, "go talk to her"..."no, I can't because she is busy"..."well, this is your one chance since you've got her alone"..."no, I'm way too excited and I'll freak her out"..."Monique McLean told you to get out of your comfort zone, so put your big girl pants on"..."but she might think I'm crazy and wonder why I'm talking to her"..."just play it cool and introduce yourself"...yes, this was happening as I sat there and stared at her and her family...no, I'm not a creeper.  I finally got up and walked over, stuck out my hand and introduced myself and then Lindsay gave me a big hug and introduced me to her family!  I remained calm on the outside, but on the inside you would think I had met a celebrity!!!  Anyway...what a great start to my week at the convention!!!!!

We all started arriving and our little rental house started to fill up.  We went to Target to get snacks and food, while some of our group finished up their site seeing.  Someone suggested that we eat at this amazing Mexican restaurant, the Red Iguana. 

 I was disappointed because Mexican is the only food I don't like.  But, we went there to eat and I actually was impressed...that's saying a LOT for me...ask my family!

We came back to the house and sorted out our rooms and beds and then everyone crashed!!!!  Lemon Dropper week begins!...stay tuned :)

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