Leadership Gala!!!!

Honestly, I'm exhausted!  We are so busy, walking so much, talking to so many people and taking in so much information in such a short period of time.  

We had our General Sessions 1 & 2 and heard from so many different speakers.  There was also skits, special music and more.  I was so surprised to see how global Young Living is...they are all over the world!  Look at all those flags!  We had what reminded me of our church's Parade of Nations!!!  Guess how many people were here today???...over 9,000!!!!!

Want to know the truth?!  My favorite part of the day was the Leadership Gala because I felt so special!  You must hit Silver rank and above to be invited.  I am one rank below, at executive, but someone didn't want to go and gave up their tickets to me and another girl, named Lindsy, take their places!!!!!!

Meet my date, Lindsy...

The food was so good.  Instead of serving wine, we had Ningxia Red!!!  They sure do know how to keep us going :).  Even our little dessert had the cutest piece of Lavneder across the top...so many thoughtful little touches.  

Young Living had already spent the day recognizing and giving out awards to Silvers, Golds and Platinums.  Then tonight they did the same for Diamonds, Crown Diamonds and Royal Crown Diamonds!!!  It was amazing to see Lindsay Moreno walk for Crown Diamond and Monique McLean walk for Royal Crown Diamond...our Lemon Droppers, who started it all, made it that far in ONE year...one year!!!!!!!!  They have both worked hard, but they are all about the Team Work and look where It has gotten them!  All the way to the very top!!!  The Lemon Droppers are growing faster than anything the company has ever seen and it's because of those two amazing women!  And is it JUST them?!  No!  Every Lemon Dropper who follows their example is growing at crazy speeds too!  I love being a Lemon Dropper :).  Not just because I love the oils and I love it as a job...I love all of the friends I've made!!!!

Finally got a photo with Lindsay Moreno!!!  Already have one with Monique McLean from yesterday...the convention is officially the best!

And we got Mary Young!!!

Oh yea...and we have a TON and really amazing new products coming out that I can't wait to try and tell people about!!!!!

Off to bed...workshops begin tomorrow!!!!


  1. Emily,

    I'm glad you are having so much fun and learning a lot! I hope that one day I'll get to join you all in Utah! You all look so beautiful! Continue to learn a lot, have tons of fun, and be safe going home! I look forward to hearing all about the new things coming our way!!! Guess that means a new product guide in the works, and I'm still learning this one....haha! Still a newbie! Thanks for posting your link to your blog! I enjoyed reading about, well, what is now yesterday!

    Take Care Oily Sis ~ Sydni Gauwitz