Convention wrap up...

John Maxwell was one of the last speakers at the convention.  He said so much good stuff:

-Anyone can have a dream, but not everyone will take the journey to get there.
-Don't say "I'll try to do it"...just do it!
-It's easier to go from failure to success than excuses to success!
-If you are thinking of quiting, just go ahead and do everyone a favor and quit...it obviously isn't your dream!
-If you are working in areas where you are not naturally gifted, you cannot achieve it.
-Passion gives energy.  Great passion gives people great energy.  Passion sets you above the crowd.
-Live until you die.  A lot of people are already dead, but just haven't made it official yet.  Don't ever retire...do what you love and do it until you die!
-Have a strategy to get from where you are to where you want to be!  The secret to success is determined by your daily agenda.  
-Everyday we are preparing or repairing, so do today right!
-Follow "The Rule of 5"...get your system of five things you will do EVERY day to work towards your goal.  
-Don't say "someday" because that really means "never".

You see that little green bottle in his hand?...Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil...yep.

Wow...took lots of notes and felt pumped up and worn out at the same time after that lecture!  A shot of Nitro in my Ningxia slushy did wonders!

Remember how I said that Young Living is all over the world?!?!?  Leaders from all over the world came to tell us about their markets!  We heard from North America, all over South America, Australia, Asia and Europe...I LOVE how they are everywhere...it means that I will have to visit those headquarters all over the world, right?!?!?!!!!  Travel fever was coming on BIG time during that session!!!!!

This is Mona, Utah where one of Young Living's farms is located.  

Here is the Lavender that is grown there...

Blue Spruce waiting to be distilled...

Juniper and Blue Spruce during the distillation process...

Rosemary growing in the greenhouses...

And fields and fields full of plants just waiting to be harvested, distilled, tested, sealed and sent to homes all over the world!  This is one reason why I love Young Living.  They manage every step from the seed until the bottle is sealed so I know that I am getting 100% pure, unadulterated therapeutic grade essential oils!

Once we left the farm, we drove to the Young Living corporate office in Lehi, Utah.  We toured around, saw Live Chat area, customer service, the offices of Jared Turner, Travis Ogden, Gary and Mary Young and more!!!

Royal Crown Diamond is Young Living's highest rank and Monique McLean hit it within 16 months...my goal is to be up there beside her family's photo by convention 2015!!!!!

Oh yea...who could visit Salt Lake City without visiting the temple :).  I know that many of you know that I grew up in Cochabamba, Bolivia...we has the largest Mormon temple in South America!

Isn't this amazing...I'm in Utah, talking on FaceTime with Nick, who is in SC.  My puppy can hear me and see me and is dying to get into the phone with me...technology is incredible!

Time for bed!!!  I'll fill you in tomorrow!!!

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