Lemon Dropper pArTy!!!!!!!!!

Build Your Dreams Young Living Essential Oil Blend...Do you remember what MY BIG DREAMS are?????.....

What are YOUR BIG DREAMS?!?!?!!!???...I'd seriously love to know!

Today, during the General Session, Monique McLean spoke to over 9,000 of us here in Salt Lake City!  She spent her entire time on stage giving all the glory to The LORD, recognizing our teams hard work and encouraging everyone in Young Living.  People keep asking how the Lemon Droppers are so succesful...this is why!  We have great examples of leaders!!!

After the General Session, we broke off into workshops.  I attended You Glow Girl and learned about how to care for your skin with Young Living products.  I wanted ALL of the products.  I DO have the Art Day Activator and actually love it!  I learned that most women in Asia use up to 18 products per day!!!!  Most people don't have time for that, so YL broke down the steps of the basics: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, restore, moisturize and refine.  They have products for each of those six steps and I love it because they carefully select the ingredients and also include essential oils for your skin health! Want an example of the products that could be in your quick routine?

1.  Cleanse with Art gentle foaming cleanser or orange blossom cleanser.
2.  Exfoliate with satin facial scrub (not every day).
3.  Tone with the Art toner.
4.  Restore with the orchid restoring serum.
5.  Moisturize with Art Day Activator or many others!
6.  Refine with Art Beauty Mask or Orchid Creme Mask (not every day).

You all know that beauty is very important to the world.  Although what really counts is what's on the inside, people want to feel beautiful and confident.  

Let me just say...if you know me, you KNOW that I LOVED this class!!!!  Young Living has Beauty School in October and I want to come back!!!!!!

Guess who else I went to hear in a workshop!???????!!!!  Monique McLean!!!!

Monique had a full house!!!!  It was basically survival of the fittest to find a seat in her class!!!  

After a full day of sitting and listening, we had a night of standing around, dancing, talking and receiving award pins at Lemon Dropper night!!!!!!!  See all those Lemon Droppers!!!!  

Every party needs a chocolate fountain!!!!!

Every party needs swag!!!!!

And every party needs a 300 person Lemon Dropper selfie!!!!!

Although the Lemon Droppers are my group, here are the girls that I have been sharing a house with, getting to know and having an amazing week with!!!  We are from ALL over the USA...even from Alaska!!!!  

I came to this convention alone and not knowing anyone...I'm leaving with new friends from all over the country and planning on bringing back my own team with me next year!!!!!!  

And what is my goal for next year?!?!?!...I'm coming back as a Royal Crown Diamond and bringing my favorite person with me!!!!!!


  1. Royal Crown Diamond by Convention 2015 Baby!

    See ya when you come to visit me in Alaska ;-)

  2. Yea!!!!!!! RCD!!!!!!
    Nick and I just talked about YOU and ALASKA last night!!! He is IN!!! Now…just to move that to the top of our Bucket List and start putting away the money! :)