Strengths, Talents and Gifts

     So, Monique strikes again :)  The DREAM BIG Series is inspiring me like cRaZy!!!  CLICK HERE to see how her previous posts have impacted me!!!

     Apparently, I need to be secure in myself and get to know myself…this is the only way I will really figure out my gifts, talents, strengths and DREAMS!  I DEFINITELY know my dreams, but need to continue to work on the other things!  How about you?  I need to do whatever it takes to remove my personal blind spots…get rid of those negative voices in my head, change my mind to think like a successful person and learn to BOUNCE BACK!  This is TOUGH STUFF…how are you doing in this area?  I need to trust my leaders…get wise counsel and be teachable.  People who have gone before me can help me make better  choices.  Do you have a mentor or a friend who is your sounding board?  And I need to rely on my experience…when I know something does work, do it again and again!…when I know it doesn't work, move on and never do it again!  Do you use your own experiences for smart decision making?

Our family
Our friends (even our pets)
Our health (I hate needles...I HAVE to stay healthy…not a joke)
Our home (security)
Living an adventure.
Making an impact on people's lives.

What's important to you?

When I get to spend all day every day with Nick.
When I get to travel.
When I spend time with people I love.
When I help people feel better.
When I am learning about clean living and using chemical free products and food.

When are you happiest?

     I have things that are important to me that may not be important to everyone else…that's OK!  I also have things that make me happy that may not make everyone else happy…that's OK too!  EVERYONE IS UNIQUE!!!  In order for me to live my dreams, I am going to have to say NO to some things and YES to others because I want to do well with what The LORD has given me (Matthew 25:23).  Remember, WE HAVE ALL BEEN GIVEN OUR STRENGTHS, TALENTS AND GIFTS FOR A REASON AND A PURPOSE!

When you discover 
what you were made for, YOUR HEART SINGS.  
It says, there's no place like this 
place, anywhere near this place, so 
this must be the place. -John Maxwell

     THE END

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