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So, here I am again…blogging about Monique McLean's blog.  I feel very unoriginal, but I CAN'T HELP MYSELF.  She already inspired me to blog about Dreaming and then to blog about Finding Your SWEET SPOT in Life…now she inspired me again with The Keys to Success!  What's a girl to do…um…blog of course!!!

Obviously, I want to be successful!  I don't just mean financially.  I mean AT LIFE…remember I have all those BIG DREAMS?!!?!!?  Well, I want to succeed so that I LIVE THOSE BIG DREAMS!  Let's review those: spend the rest of my life with Nick Stewart, write a book, pay off our home, travel the world, have/adopt children, hit Royal Crown Diamond, become an artist

Since these dreams DON'T just happen, I'll have 

Successful people:
-reject rejectionnot me…I go do the ugly cry alone in a corner (oh it's ugly).
-see failure as temporarynot me…I get all caught up in the "my life is over" mentality.
-see failure as an isolated eventnot me…if I fail in one thing, I assume I'm just a failure…period.
-see success as a processme…I know that success takes hard work…FINALLY, one point for me!
-are willing to try a new approachme…I whine a lot, but don't give up.
-bounce backhalf me…I dwell on the past mistakes and failures, but since I don't give up, I just keep on keeping on.

Ok…so I apparently have some work to do in this "Successful People" area!

Life is a Series of Outcomes.  
Sometimes the Outcome is WHAT YOU WANT.  Great.  
Figure out what you DID RIGHT.  
Sometimes the Outcome is WHAT YOU DON'T WANT.  Great.  Figure out what you DID WRONG.  
That's the KEY the Bouncing Back!  
-John Maxwell, Dare to Dream.

To achieve your dream:
-recruit other good thinkers to help you…every morning at 8am I walk with a friend and spill my guts for about an hour and when Nick gets home at night, I do it all over again, so I'm good in that area!
-see problems as opportunities…to FREAK OUT!!!  Ok ok…just kidding, but HELLO, I obviously need work in this area!
-give yourself time to think…does drooling in front of Netflix count?…Just kidding…I'm always doing doing doing and going going going…I need to CHILL OUT sometimes!
-find a place to be creative…I seriously can't think of anywhere better than Starbucks right now and I don't even know how that would help me to be creative anyway...
-challenge assumptions…I can think of LOTS of things that people have assumed about me and that I have assumed about myself…I'm challenging those right now :)
-force yourself to think…I LOVE to walk up to my parents house and sit on their porch and think, read, take naps, sit and stare at nothing…
-explore all options…I LOVE to explore…BRING IT ON!!!

Yet again, I apparently have some work to do in this "To Achieve Your Dream" area!

The McLean family motto is:
If you don't do it, you won't do it! 
My life motto has been "People are CrAzY".

Both are true…Monique's is more inspirational and nicer and more encouraging and more motivating...

So…I have a lot to think about here if I'm going to be successful!  Then, once I've thought about it, I need to actually DO SOMETHING about it!  Gosh, this is hard work!  SERIOUSLY…But, I am feeling motivated right now :) …

PS…The "Successful People" and "To Achieve Your Dream" come from Monique and John Maxwell…Just wanted to give credit where credit is due!!!!  Of course, the extra side notes and comments are mine :)

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