God ALWAYS knows…

     ...Nick was supposed to return a cheaper water filter about two months ago, but kept putting it off…turns out that our more expensive water filter didn't work and we needed the cheaper version after all.  Some may think its just a coincidence that we still had the cheaper one, but I know that God worked it all out because he knew that we would need it in the future.  Nothing is coincidence.  He knew.

     ...A friend scheduled family vacation without knowing that their family would be adopting a child and need that week off to get settled.  Although they didn't know the timing, God did and he planned for them to adopt their child and have a family vacation almost immediately after.  Nothing is coincidence.  He knew.

     ...For years, I have been telling Nick that I really want a job where I can stay at home, not have to return to school and for it to be in something in holistic health…this has been my dream job since high school.  I have REALLY wanted this for years and we have always talked about it, but thought it wasn't possible.  But, in November, I started selling Young Living Essential Oils from home, without going back to school!  Even when I dreamed of a job/life that didn't seem possible, God knew that it was going to be part of my future!  Nothing is coincidence.  He knew.

I have so many examples of these "coincidences", but most times, I don't write them down!  Shame on me!  I LOVE being reminded that God knows everything…it helps me to remember that nothing surprises him or happens outside of his good and perfect plan.  God wants greater things for my life than even I want for my life!  I can trust Him :)  And I LOVE being reminded that nothing is wasted.

This is from Robert Sturdy---"We have all been hurt, but nothing is wasted for those who love God.  He can take every situation and work it out for good.  People can intend harm and Satan can intend evil, but God is in charge of the outcome".

Nothing is a coincidence and nothing is wasted…what an encouragement!!!

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