So we don't have a lot of excitement since the last post...

Monday morning we hopped on two different buses, passed through the city center and arrived at the Titanic Belfast museum.  It took us about 2.5 hours to get through, but we didn't read every single thing with words on it.  They really outdid themselves with that museum...there was even a ride inside!  The farther you got through the tour, the sadder it got.  It's hard to believe that so many people died in that tragedy.  We were able to read about some specific people, their involvement in the titanic and if they died or survived...it made it so much more real!  And so much more sad.  It was also weird because Nick and I used to live on a ship and I can't imagine how scary that would have been...

That's the museum in the background and the same location where the Titanic was actually built!!!  I never actually paid enough attention to realize the Titanic was built in Belfast...I'm embarrassed to admit that!  The joke here is that the ship was in good condition when it left Belfast and they aren't responsible for what the British did once they got it!

The wind was blowing so hard that when I walked by a pool of water the wind blew the water out and up and got me wet!  Freezing!!!  Random fact...feel my pain.

On the way back through the city center, after getting off of our first bus, City Hall was lit up and beautiful!  Nick and I love big cities...it reminds me of growing up in Cochabamba, walking everywhere and taking buses!

So we have all been staying in Jonny and Michaela's flat.  Nick and I are in one bedroom and the three girls (Maddy, Jess and Emilie) are in the other room.  When we got back last night, Gordon had also arrived from Germany.  So now he is staying on a blow up mattress that takes up the entire den! Everything's smaller in the UK!!!

Nick and I are sitting in Starbucks in Victoria Square to have a little one-on-one time:).  And Facebook and Blog time!  Apparently it is colder in Florence, SC then it is here!

So, I'm sure we will be busy doing wedding stuff all day tomorrow.  We will have a rehearsal, but no one here has rehearsal dinners.  So all of us friends are just going to cook at special meal together.  Then, the wedding is on Thursday!!!

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