It's A Small World After All

This should be a travelers life motto...the more you travel, the more you believe this is true!

So, at Jonny and Michaela's wedding, we saw Steve Packwood.  Steve served onboard the Logos Hope with all of us and now is back home in Scotland.  We found out he knows our hosts, the McGregors because they attend the same church.  So, when we went to church today at Cannubus Christian Centre in Scotland, we saw Steve after just seeing him in Ireland.  Then his wife Heather snuck up and gave us a big hug...we haven't seen her since 2010 onboard the ship in Jamaica!  

Then after church the McGregors had three college girls over for lunch.  They all just arrived from Greenville, SC where they are attending Furman...crazy! 
Nick's from Greenville, if you didn't know.   The McGregors are also hosting (at the same time as us) a couple from Singapore, Andrew and Belinda Ng, who lived in Fort Mill, SC.  And of course the McGregors just left Fort Mill, SC last year to return to Scotland.  So today, while in Scotland, we had lunch with 9 South Carolinians!  And the world gets smaller...after lunch, all of us girls looked each other up on Facebook and found that we have mutual friends.  And now it gets smaller.  One of the girls has mutual friends with Alex Streett from Florence, SC who worked with Nick for a short time.  And it gets smaller.  One of the girls has mutual friends with Maggie Jackson, my SISTER!!!

And it gets crazier!  At dinner tonight, the couple from Singapore who lived in Fort Mill, attended something where my mom, Cindy Jackson, spoke about her burn ministry recently...so they know my mom!  And one more even crazier...then they continued talking and I heard Andrew say "Greg Bryce" and I said, "Are you talking about Greg and Patti Bryce?".  Of course he was.  So, all six of us sitting at the table, one couple from the USA, one from Scotland, one from Singapore...we all know the Bryces from Canada who lived with my family in Bolivia and I went to school with their kids!  Yep, true story! The world is so small, but once you get involved in missions, it gets even smaller!!!

So, here is a photo of our crazy lunch!  Liz is taking the photo and isn't in it.  The girl on the front right is Maggie from Kenya and we didn't find a connection with her:(. I guess the connection is my sisters name is Maggie and my family went on vacation to Kenya when we lived in Ethiopia?  :).  And while in Ethiopia is when we met McGregors from Scotland:).  Love it!  Y'all may think I'm crazy, but I just can't get over how amazing it is!!!  Never ceases to amaze me:)

And can y'all imagine the accents at lunch?  The Kenyan accent, Scottish accents, Singapore accents and finally us...the redneck accents!!!

So we are off to bed and tomorrow we are hopping on a train to Stirling, Scotland!!!

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