Sorry readers!!!  I wrote this post Thursday night and then when we moved to Jonny and Michaela's flat we didn't have wifi.  I was using her sisters phone to check Facebook, but wasn't able to load photos, email or blog.  So, Nick and I are in a Starbucks near their flat to check up on everything, but we don't know how often we will have wifi for the rest of our trip:(.  

So here is Thursday's post:

So, Tim picked us up again today!!!  We picked up Sam and Danielle Kwan and all rode in The Green Hornet (Nick named Tim's Hobbit car) up North!!!

Yes, we all crammed into this wee little car!!!  It actually looks even smaller from the side:)

On our drive up to Gaints Causeway we made lots of short stops...

We even stopped at some little port that is in some show called "Game of Thrones"?  I think?  We have never seen the show (or movie?), but this is where a scene was filmed:

Then, we finally made it to Giants Causeway!!!  This is such a crazy place...look at the shape of these rocks!  Not man-made, but God-made:)

We hiked up this wee hill and wee stairs...just kidding, it about killed me, but I have to say "wee" as much as possible!!!  This is the view once we reached the top:

And to finish off the day, we went to Portstewart.  Great name huh? And visited the beach...you can drive on it!!!

And of course, dinner at the pub:).  

Nick had a Bush Mills Sausage meal:

And we shared a fresh fruit pavlova:

So, we have been visiting Jonny and Michaela!  We have been hanging out with her parents and sister, Rachel!  We have gone out with Tim, Danielle and Sam!  We randomly saw Cambell!  And now, Emilie, Jess and Maddy have arrived!  Just a regular little reunion going on here!  

If any of you recognize this girl:

She was the maid of honor with me in Mary Ashley's wedding in April!  She is also here in Northern Ireland and Mary Ashley sent her a bunch of gifts! 

It's so good to see all of our friends that we have been missing for years!!!

So Friday, we actually just laid around the flat and spent time catching up with all our newly arriving friends:). 

Then Saturday, Nick went out with Tim for the day and then with Jonny and his friends that night.  The guys had a stag party (bachelor party) and the girls stayed in all day and had a hen party (bachelorette party).

Then today, we went to Redeemer Church.  It was so neat because they set up all of the chairs and tables so that you sit in groups and actually have discussion and hang out time:)

The music was so good and we really enjoyed ourselves.  We came back to the flat for lunch and Jonny's parents came over and cooked a feast!!!

Here is a photo of Maddy, Danielle, Sam, Jess, Emilie and Jonny's family in their flat...it's not as spacious as it looks in the photo:)

So I don't know when I'll be back online...see you soon!!!

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