I always love a good smoothie and will gladly replace a meal with one anytime I have that option.  Smoothies don't leave you too full, they taste sweet and make you feel like you're making healthy choices.  So, basically I'm sold every time.  

6 cups came in my shipment

Recently, I saw ads for Daily Harvest start popping up in my FaceBook newsfeed and was intrigued.  Organic smoothies?  Delivered right to my doorstep?  Done.

Open them up to find the frozen ingredients

So, I got my first order and want to share the pros and cons for anyone else considering tying them out.

Fill to top with liquid (I like almond milk)
1.  ships directly to you
2.  quick and easy
3.  good ingredients
4.  no waste
5.  yummy
6.  lots of variety
7.  smoothies, chia parfaits, overnight oats, soups

Blend and pour back into cup
1.  Apparently the straw isn't included, so since I don't have any until I buy some, I wasn't able to put the top on and drink it with the cup and straw like in the ads.  Which is fine, but takes away from the cuteness/fun factor and I don't like when I feel like there was a little false advertising involved.
2.  And without the top and straw, the paper cup is kinda flimsy and made me nervous to drink out of it, so I have ended up just leaving the smoothie in my blender cup and drinking from there.  Again, I was sad to lose the cuteness part, but it's not that big of a deal!
3.  It's true that they aren't cheap.  But, if you consider I didn't have to get in the car and use gas to go buy the ingredients at the store or drive by a smoothie place, that saved me a little money.  Plus, when I buy the ingredients to make my own smoothies and can't use them all before they go bad, that wastes money.  So, when you look at all the pros and consider the alternative, these smoothies probably save money in the long run.

So, you want to try it right?  Here's the website: Daily Harvest  Let me know what you think!  I want to eventually try all the smoothies, chia parfaits, overnights oats and soups and would love to hear which ones you think taste best.


  1. I haven't heard of this before. That's really cool! The last pic is that the same cup? That is pretty flimsy. :/ the smoothie looks yummy though!