I must confess.  Although I have a blog of my own, I don't really enjoy reading other people's blogs.  It's true!  When I want to learn about a certain topic, I will Google it and browse Pinterest.  If I come across a blog during that search, I'll read the post.  But, I don't have any blogs that I consistently follow and go back to often.  Weird, huh?

So, it got me thinking that maybe blogging is a dying art.  FaceBook became super popular and everyone got in, but then Instagram came along.  YouTube videos got attention at some point.  And then Snapchat.  I don't even know what else is new.  I don't try to keep up most times.  But I know it's almost always geared towards simpler, faster and better.  It seems that as soon as I learn how to use some new App or whatever else it may be, some company releases another thing that people go crazy over.  And blogs?  Who has blogs anymore?  I've found that less and less people are using them.  It's just easier to use Instagram.  Put one photo.  Say a few words.  Add some hashtags.  So little effort.  And lots of people seem on board with Vlogs.  Me?  I usually lose patience watching and waiting for that person to go ahead and get to the point.  And FaceBook pages are honestly not getting that much participation.  Right now, I really feel like Instagram is where it's at.

So, sometimes in the name of minimalism, I wish that I didn't have a blog.  Seriously.

Sometimes, I can't think of what to even write.

Sometimes, I don't have any photos I think will work with the post.

Sometimes, I'm not sure if anyone is really reading any of this.

And sometimes, I think it would just be easier to stick with my FaceBook and Instagram.

But, then I go through with it and write a blog post and my daddy writes me an email, telling me how much he loved my last post and I'm motivated to keep going.  I spend a lot of time researching and learning and love to have my blog as a way to share with others, which in turn, inspires me all over again.  Plus, when I'm searching through my photos for something to use, I love when I come across one I haven't seen in a long time.

Since I began blogging in 2008, I can tell how far I've come in organizing my ideas, writing down my thoughts and taking decent photos.  Sure, it's been almost a decade to get where I am.  But, think about where I'd be if I never tried!  Sometimes, I wonder if my blog will ever help me write and publish a book.  I'm not sure if that's what I really want to do, or if I think I'm supposedly to do.  On the other hand, maybe I do want to do it, but I'm afraid to admit it and fail.

When all these thoughts roll around in my head and I go through all the stages of wondering if blogging is just about dead, I remember that when I'm doing this for me, I really enjoy it.  I may not always have the time to sit down and write a couple posts a week on my blog.  But, right now I do.  So, instead of overthinking it and wondering if I'm doing the "right thing" from a social media aspect, I'm just going to enjoy what I've got and stop worrying if blogging is a thing of the past.

Am I the only blogger out there that wonders this?  And for those of you who aren't bloggers...do you like reading blogs or rather the fast and easy social media like Instagram?

FYI.  We are headed out on an east coast road trip for the next two weeks.  Follow us on Instagram for photos and stories!

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