Although I loved growing up traveling the world and living overseas, it often meant friendships were harder to keep!  As soon as I would make friends with someone, either I'd be moving to another country or they would.  So, I'd say goodbye and make a new friend.  This happened every year.  Luckily though, I had my sisters!  Even as we moved all over the place and left others behind, my sisters were always there.  Here are the six reasons why my sisters have grown into my best friends:

1.  GENEROUS - All three of my sisters are selfless.  They will give anything away to help someone in need or just spend a few bucks to treat a friend to lunch.  I love that when we go out together, one of us always surprises another sister and offers to foot the bill.  It feels good to know that if I ever needed help, my sisters would come running.  They all care more about people than getting ahead.

2.  HARD WORKING - No matter what job my sisters have had, I always hear people brag on their work ethic.  Growing up overseas meant a lot of summers spent volunteering with missions organizations.  Building homes.  Running Vacation Bible Schools.  Taking visitors on tours around the city.  We didn't just do it because we had to, but because we loved to!  My sisters work hard when their hired to do a job, but they also give up their own time and money to volunteer and help others!

3.  FUNNY - We got it honest.  Do you know our dad, Wick Jackson?  He's a jokester.  Family time usually means sitting around telling hilarious stories from the past.  My sisters are a blast to hang out with because they have such a great sense of humor.  Everyone needs friends that you can laugh your head off with until you cry or wet your pants!  And everyone needs someone you can share your most embarrassing stories, without worrying that they will disown you.

4.  ADVENTUROUS - So, here's the deal.  We took a photo (above) of us after our recent hike and realized it was the first exercise type adventure we had really ever done together that we can remember.  Sure, we will travel all over the world.  Canoe down the amazon.  Run from the cops in foreign countries.  Spend the night under the stars in the Andes.  Live on a ship as a volunteer.  Book a last minute ticket to anywhere and everywhere.  But, exercise?  That's new for us.  My sisters are the most adventurous girls I know...we are just now going to try to start including more physical activity into our adventures, since this hike turned out to be so fun!

5.  CARING - This goes along with their generosity.  My sisters don't think twice before giving their time, energy and money towards a good cause.  They are great listeners, truly compassionate and empathetic.  Although my sisters are younger than me, I often go to them to share troubles and get advice.  Because they are caring, they are also pretty forgiving.  Before Junior High, we would get in a fight and five minutes later, already be asking the other to play Barbies.  Once Barbies were out of the picture, it was "do you want to go shopping?".  Either way, I've always been glad we get over it and move on pretty quickly!

6.  TRUSTWORTHY - And talking about sharing struggles with them, they are good at giving honest feedback, even when it's tough to hear.  I would much rather hear hard things from sisters who love me, then be totally oblivious to something I need to work on.  Plus, it's good to know I don't have to worry about what I tell them...they all three can be trusted with secrets.

Since I am the oldest, I spent most of my childhood years helping take care of my two youngest sisters, Maggie and Lizzie.  But, as we've gotten older, we have more and more in common and I often forget that we have age gaps between us.  The more I get to know my grown up sisters, the more I see how special they are and recognize that they aren't just my little sisters, but my best friends!

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