My first date with THE Nick Stewart

Ok, remember how I wrote a post about meeting Nick 10 years ago?!?!?!  CLICK HERE  to review. 

Now I have another 10 year mark: 

10 years ago TODAY, I had my FIRST date with Nick Stewart.

Epcot - Summer 2005

     I spent about 6 months with a MAJOR crush on Nick and just knew that I would never be able to like anyone else again.  We met in an interview to work in the Magic Kingdom and then spent the summer working together, mostly in Splash Mountain.  Nick was athletic, strong, kind, hard-working, handsome, funny and everything else that I thought was wonderful.  I thought that maybe he liked me too, but wasn't totally sure.

     So, let me tell you how this went down...

1.  Someday in August, Nick Stewart calls The Jackson Residence and asks to speak to ME.
2.  I pick up the phone and don't remember anything that I said.
3.  Nick Stewart asks me on a date.
4.  I remain calm.
5.  He tells me that he will pick me up at 4pm and that I need to be wearing something that could get dirty and that he would bring me back to my house so that I could change into something nicer.
6.  I don't remember anything that I said.
7.  At some point we hang up.
8.  I ran screaming down the hall, to the office.
9.  I somehow ended up on the floor, hugging my moms legs, still screaming and added hysterical laughing in there at some point.
10.  My dad came running down the stairs because he thought someone was hurt...he was NOT happy and told me to NEVER scream like that again.

Fast forward a few days...Nick picks me up on August 27th, 2005 at 4pm!!!!!!!

We went to Wink Pottery and painted...we went to have dinner at Red Lobster...we went to Books-A-Million to read children's books to each other...we went to Aroma Underground and talked for over 5 HOURS!!!!!!!!

Nick Stewart went ALL OUT on our FIRST date!!!!!!  

     It's so cRaZy to think that 10 years ago we went on our FIRST DATE and had NO IDEA of the adventure that we were beginning together!!!!!!!!

Nick Stewart...when other boys were hinting around and trying to "hang out", you were a real man...thank you for calling me on the phone that night and asking me on a real date.  I have admired you from day 1...

Look what a stud Nick is with that backwards baseball cap^^^^^...it's no wonder I was totally head over heels!!!

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